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What's Happening at Venable, November 2018

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Unpacking the Preamble to the Constitution

September 17 was Constitution Day. As part of their studies, some students did a deep dive into the Preamble. They investigated the meaning of some of the big words and made a translated 21st-century kids version of the Preamble, along with some carefully cited fun facts about the Revolution. All of their hard work is on display outside the South Cafeteria. Check it out!

Thanksgiving Luncheon on Nov. 15

Families are invited to join us for a traditional Thanksgiving meal on Thursday, Nov. 15. Please return your order forms for adult lunches by Wednesday, Nov. 7. Adult lunches are $3.25.

Our lunch schedule will be altered slightly to accommodate additional guests:

  • preK in classrooms at 11:30am (no change to schedule)
  • Kindergarten at 10:30am, using both cafeterias (no change to schedule)
  • 1st Grade at 11:55am, using the gym (no change to schedule)
  • 2nd Grade at 11am, using the gym (15 minutes later than usual)
  • 3rd Grade at 11:25am, using both cafeterias (no change to schedule)
  • 4th Grade at 12:30pm, using both cafeterias (15 minutes later than usual)

Morning Arrival Carpool Congestion Solutions

We are noticing that traffic is backing up significantly in the mornings between 7:50am-7:58am. There have been some safety issues along 14th Street that we would like to prevent. We encourage parents to have students at school as close to 7:40am as possible and for adults to remain in the car and allow children to exit the car independently or with the assistance of an adult/Super Star Crew member. If you need to assist your child in getting out of the car, please park in one of the parking spots in front of the building. The carpool line is for quick drop-offs.

We will be piloting a 2nd drop-off location beginning November 7. Beginning at 7:45am, once all the buses have left, parents may drop off along the curb cut on the Gordon Ave. side of the building. Adults will remain on duty at that location until 7:55am. We will see if this helps to aid traffic flow on 14th Street. If this option is one you'd like to try, please make sure you are only dropping off on the Venable side of the street.

Lunch Tray Composting Coming Soon

This fall, all grades will be composting lunch trays in the cafeteria. We will train students next week on the process and implement it with the help of parent volunteers on Monday, Nov. 12. We are hopeful that keeping the trays out of the dumpster will save space for our real trash there and in the landfills. We will also get some compost for our garden in return!

Hugs and Kisses

The Virginia Repertory Theatre came to Venable on Thursday, Nov. 1 to present Hugs and Kisses to our 1st - 4th graders. This production comes to us every other year as part of the division's commitment to preventing childhood sexual abuse. It introduces the concepts of good touch, bad touch, and secret touch in an engaging, developmentally appropriate performance. We provide follow-up afterwards with students (and parents) who share concerns or have questions.

Upcoming Events

Check out the full calendar of events on the website:

November 1: Trick or Read, 5:30-7:00pm

November 7: NO EBL

November 8: Lockdown drill #3

November 9: Picture Make-Ups

November 12: PTO Meeting, 6pm in the library

November 15:

  • Northington & Scudder to Fralin for Writer's Eye
  • Thanksgiving luncheon

November 16: Shook & O'Brien to Fralin for Writer's Eye

November 19: NO EBL

  • 2nd grade to Monticello, 9am-2pm
  • Jacobs & Nussbaum to Fralin for Writer's Eye
November 20: NO EBL
  • 3rd/4th Grades to UVA Women's Basketball Game, 9:30am (will return by 2pm)
November 21-23: Thanksgiving Vacation

November 30: School-wide Morning Meeting, 8:05am

Golden Apple Nomination Window Opens

Please consider nominating a Venable teacher for the annual Golden Apple Award. This is a wonderful way to show the community how amazing our staff is and to express appreciation for specific things that teachers are doing to engage and empower our students. Nominations are due February 4, but why delay? Go ahead and do one now! Submit the form below to Mrs. Kershner.