Francisco Vasquez De Coronado

Read to Discover Coronado journey in search of gold

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by Cesar Tlanepantla-ortiz

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Early Life

Francisco Vasquez DE Coronado was born in Spain in 1510 Coronado met Antonio DE Mendoza . Mendoza made Coronado his assistant brought him to new . Spain Coronado met and married Dona Beatriz DE Estrada . She came from a wealthy and powerful Spanish family . Mendoza Named Coronado governor of the area Coronado was a Respectful leader Coronado heard about the seven cities of gold and sent out a friar to see the seven cities of gold was a true story or it was fake .


Coronado went in the search of cities of gold but it turn out it was a lie . 1540 while traveling whats now Arizona Coronado's soldiers saw the Grand while looking for gold . Coronado was Excited about the discovery but he was he was looking Gold . Coronado met a Native American guide who could help them explore the guide told a story that got Coronado attention. that in Quivira the king sleep under a tree full of golden ornaments and even servants ate in gold dishes . One of Coronado's soldiers said that the guide was lying but Coronado didn't care when they got to Quivira there was no Gold waiting For him The guide admitted he had lied the Spanish got so mad they killed him

Coronado Returns to Mexico

Coronado was worried that his men and horses would starve while they were on their journey. The grasslands, a farm with a lot of grass for animals to feed off of, would have fed his horses if he had known more about the land. Also, he could have fed his men with the meat of bison, large animals on the land. So, since he didn't know about those resources, materials or food used for shelter or eating, Coronado decided to go back to Mexico. In June of 1542, Coronado went back to New Spain, the country now known as Mexico, disappointed that he failed to discover gold. In 1544, Coronado' s leadership was judged by the Spanish leaders. They decided that he did not do a good job being a leader on the expedition. Coronado died in Mexico City on September 22, 1554. He never found any gold during his lifetime.