Washburn Elementary School Update

November and December 2022 Edition

Dear Washburn Families,

This message is from Principal Gray and I hope all is well with you. We had our first in person assembly to recognize our students of the month. Believe it or not, this was the first live assembly that many of our younger students have experienced. The students did such a great job following our assembly expectations and the older students set a positive example for the littles. The assembly was excellent preparation for our next assembly, which will be on December 22, as our students sing holiday songs (Thank you, Mrs. Brooks!). We will share a Zoom link with parents to join us!

Congratulations to the Washburn chorus students for their performance for the Auburn school committee! You represented Washburn very well. Great job, Mrs. Brooks, for teaching and leading our Washburn singers!

I want to give a huge shoutout to our mighty Parent Teacher Organization (P.T.O.) for putting on our first movie night on December 9. We had a great turnout of staff, students and parents and it was so nice to see everyone enjoying each other's company while devouring massive quantities of popcorn. We will have more scheduled movie nights later on in the school year so be on the lookout for more information.

Lastly, Mrs. Gatcomb is planning on popcorn orders being sent home to families with students after school on Monday, December 19. For very large orders, we will have them set aside in the main office for parents to pick up.

I hope you all have a restful and safe holiday season.


Principal Erik Gray

Important Dates for December 2022

  • December 9- Movie Night!
  • December 14- Early Release Wednesday
  • December 22- Holiday Songs
  • December 23- NO SCHOOL
  • December 26- January 2- NO SCHOOL (Holiday Vacation)
  • January 3- Students and staff return to school

Attendance Matters to Washburn Elementary School

We take attendance very seriously here at Washburn Elementary School. When our students are in class, they achieve. We have set some very high goals for our students this year and our school wide attendance goal this year is 90%. I am very proud to share that from 8/28/22 to 12/13/22, our average school wide our attendance rate is 93.5%. This percentage includes 'Excused' absences for illness, which is great!

Congratulations to our November Lions of the Month! Read about them here.

We are so proud of our students. Read about them here!

Mrs. Caruso, Pre-K (morning): Christopher Lagasse. CJ has done a great job learning the expectations and he consistently does his best to meet them. He works so hard to master new skills and is improving every day!

Mrs. Fisher, Kindergarten: Elias Gomez. Elias consistently follows the core values of our school. He has so much compassion for his classmates and is the first to offer help when needed. Each day Elias comes to school eager to learn and always tries his best. We are very proud of him.

Mrs. Smith, Kindergarten: Ayanne Diogo da Silva. Ayanne is such a wonderful, kind, happy student. She is hard working and even when things are tough for her, she is persistent. She is a friend to all and always has a smile on her face. She is a huge bright spot in our classroom and we are so happy to have her as a part of our classroom community.

Mrs. Page, First Grade: Leannah-Creasey. Leannah is working incredibly hard in first grade and continues to be a role model for her peers for following the code daily. She is very respectful and is always willing to help anyone in anyway possible.

Ms. Duym, First Grade: Eleanor Luce. Eleanor has become a teacher's assistant in our classroom! Her enthusiasm and love of learning is infectious and she uses her knowledge to help others. She is one of the first to offer a helping hand and puts 110% into everything she does.

Mrs. Smith, First Grade: Octavia Proctor. Octavia is a kind and respectful classmate. She is responsible and does her best work everyday..

Mrs. Jarvis, Second Grade: Lucy MacLeod. Lucy is such a persistent student. She works hard and focuses and it really shows how much she cares about her learning. She is very respectful of everyone in our classroom and any teacher she works with. She is responsible, always follows directions, and she is an excellent role model and we are lucky to have her in our class!

Mrs. Rybeck, Third Grade: Lincoln Michaud. Lincoln is such a kind, hardworking and respectful person in our room. He loves to help everyone in any way he can and enjoys bringing a smile to their face. Lincoln, you are so appreciated in our classroom, keep up the great work!

Mrs. Thayer, Third Grade: Clara Boss. Clara is such an enthusiastic learner in all academic subjects. She participates in class discussions, is always willing to be partners with anyone, treats everyone with respect, and truly LOVES to learn new things! Great job, Clara!

Ms. Pratt, Fourth Grade: Madilyn Finch. Madi is always on task and following expectations both in and out of the classroom. She treats all of her peers with respect and kindness. She always has a positive attitude and offers her assistance and knowledge to her peers. She is always hard at work and completes all of her work with care and to the best of her ability. We are extremely fortunate to have Madi with us in our classroom as she contributes so much to our community.

Mrs. Renner, Fourth Grade: Riley Dumond. Riley is a kind and caring member of our classroom community. He always thinks of others in the class. Riley is responsible, respectful, safe and persistent. He always has a smile on his face.

Mr. Ramsdell, Fifth Grade: Alexis Verville-Giguere. Alexis is a responsible and persistent student. She follows directions and she is always offering to help. She has been working hard in reading and working with Miss Robertson to help strengthen test taking strategies.

Mrs. Young-Gomes, Fifth Grade: Paityn Haley-St. Pierre. Paityn is PERSISTENT! She never gives up, even when something is hard to do. She is not afraid to ask for help when she struggles to understand something and loves to help her peers when she does. For Paityn, getting the right answer is never enough; she always strives to understand why the answer is correct and is curious to discover different ways to solve a problem. great job, Paityn!

Mrs. Gatcomb, Sixth Grade: Miles Luce. Miles has worked hard to stay on task during independent time. He takes pride in his work and has shown a lot of persistence. Miles is willing to work with any other student in the class and do anything I ask of him.

Mrs. Cyr and Miss Santiago, Sixth Grade: Angelina Tardif. Angie is a safe and responsible student. She shows excitement for learning new things and works hard to master skills.

Mrs. Dean: Jaymeson Jackson. I am so proud to nominate as Lion of the month. Jaymeson is very resilient and persistent. He is always eager to start his day and will never shy away from a challenge.

Mrs. Leonas: Hunter Morin: Hunter is a 1st grader in Miss Duym's class. While sharing tools and supplies calmly, Hunter remains absolutely focused on his art work, completing every direction the first time he is asked. Hunter also trusts his creativity and adds personal touches to each of his projects. Way to own your learning, Hunter!

Inclement Weather Plan for Washburn

No School & Late Start

The determination to close Auburn Schools will be made jointly by the Superintendent of Schools and the Transportation/Maintenance Supervisor after consultation with Road Commissioners, the Auburn Police Department and other appropriate agencies. In general, the decision to close school will be based on the partial considerations of the safe transportation of students and accessibility to the schools. The decision will be announced on local radio and TV stations in the early morning. Automated phone calls may be made to families with accurate phone information in our system.

Once in session, schools will remain open the entire day except under circumstances where the Superintendent deems it safer for students to be dismissed early. This is a very rare situation, but one that needs to be planned for. Should an extreme situation cause the Superintendent to dismiss schools early, announcements will be made on local radio and TV stations. Parents are expected to make early dismissal arrangements for their children regarding where they should go in such an emergency if a parent is not at home and provide us with that information on the emergency dismissal information form. Please alert your child about what to do in case of emergency early release.

Delayed Start due to Inclement Weather

Q: What is a delayed start?

A: The start of school will be delayed two hours. If there is a delayed start, morning Pre-K classes will be canceled. On half-day Wednesdays, there will not be a delayed start.

Q: How will my child's bus pick-up time be affected?

A: Your child's bus pick-up time will be delayed two hours. For example, if the bus usually picks up your child at 7:45 a.m., the pickup time will be 9:45 a.m. for a delayed start.

Q: What is the school's schedule when there is a delayed start?

A: Washburn Elementary School morning schedule for a delayed start is as follows:

  • 10:00 – 10:25 Student Arrival - Students should not arrive before 10:00.

  • 10:00 – 10:25 Breakfast

  • 10:25 – Students report to classrooms. The remainder of the day follows our regular schedule.

Please contact the school office with any questions about the delayed start policy.

Washburn Food Bank Announcement

We are incredibly excited to announce that Washburn Elementary school is teaming up with the Good Shepherd Food Bank to revamp the Washburn Food Pantry! The pantry should be operational in January 2023. What types of food options will be available? These options are subject to change. You can find snack items like granola bars and trail mix; canned fruit, veggies, beans, tuna, chicken; cereal; shelf-stable milk; quick meals like “cheesy skillet” (mac and cheese) and “stroganoff” (think hamburger helper); basics like pasta and rice. You can expect assorted fresh produce (varies by season, right now you would get a lot of potatoes, carrots, onions, cabbage, assorted squash, apples), cheese, sometimes other dairy. More information will come out as we get closer to the date!
Big picture

Introducing- the Washburn Book Vending Machine!

We are incredibly excited to share the news that Washburn Elementary School is receiving a brand new Book Vending Machine! Yes, you read that correctly. A vending machine that dispenses books! The picture above shows the logo and text that will be displayed on the machine (Thank you, Ms. Leonas!) This machine is going to be here in January and we will hopefully have it running by early February. More to follow on this great addition to our school.

The Washburn Parent Parking Lot