The Faulk Dynasty🐦

Jason Faulkenberry is the dictator, from 1 B.C.E to present.

If you do not obey, the all seeing King and his officials will freaking wreck you cuh! Also, Monotheism.

Since you are evil and dumb, if the hierarchy feels like you're doing something incorrect, you will be beaten.

Christian Hand is the god, and he directly speaks through our discreet meetings. The only way to get to me is through my officers.

There will be mandatory worship hours everyday to come to the palace and worship the king, A.K.A. me.

Also, our Housing is top notch!

Everybody will live in houses like these and they are only allowed to eat rice 3 times a day. Also, there will be mandatory housing check to see if the citizens aren't doing anything suspicious.
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This is your King.

You will obey!