the history of lady's soccer


history of women's soccer

Women's soccer was always in the shadow of men's soccer.The lady's are determined to change that and come to equal standards with the boy's.

If you were a women in the middle ages and played soccer you would probably would not see other women playing as you do today. Reports of women playing soccer in the middle ages are not as common as those referring to men.french women of the 12th century are believed to having played kicking games relating to soccer side by side with their husbands.

Scottish women have had an annual competition going around scotland.

Their have been some problems in the history of soccer and their still is but one of the biggest problems in the history of women's soccer was that the sport was often violent especially when played without a clear set of rules.

The women's FIFA world cup championship is held every 4 years since 1991.The seven FIFA women's world cup tournaments have been won by four different national teams including the United States which beat Norway 2-1 in the first final.The current champion is the United States after winning their third title in the 2015 FIFA world cup.

So in this part of my news letter you see that even women can do anything boys can do.