RPMS Counseling Department Data

August-December 2019

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Greetings Rippon Family,

Every year Rippon's Counseling Department conducts a school wide survey to assess the needs of our students. We tried something new this year. We created a Tiny URL and QR code so the students could use their technology in the classroom to answer the questions. We had to do a couple of additional rounds at the computer lab to make sure we provided equal access to all students who didn't have the available technology. We also found that for next year, we are going to translate the survey so that our newcomers will be able to access the survey.

So what does our data show?

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What are our demographics for each grade level?

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School Counseling Department Data (Aug-February 2020)

Hot Topics!

Our general data from the Counseling Data IPAD shows that we are spending a lot of time dealing with students in the realm of Personal/Emotional issues. That's not surprising considering the amount of crisis related interventions we are putting into place.

Other general areas that we are covering: High School Planning, Peer Mediation, Bullying, Academic, Behavior/Discipline and Scheduling.

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How many students have we seen as a department from August 2019 to February 2020?

1930 students since August! That's a lot of little people!
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Statistical Breakdown for each Counselor

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Numbers are not reflective of student-counselor meetings.

In speaking with the counseling department, it is a fact that the counselors are not enforcing students signing into the IPAD. I noticed that the percentiles were low, they agreed that this is not a pure reflection of the amount of students they are seeing on a weekly basis. Starting in January, they will be enforce the rule that every student that comes through our offices, is signing in.

Director Data

Unique Year for the Director!

This is a very unique year for me. It is the first time that Directors at the middle school level do not have a grade level assigned to us. As a result, I decided to chart some data to help me view what "Life w/out a Caseload" actually looks for me. Although, I try to keep up with charting the data, there were days for sure that I missed documenting the amount of visits that come through my office.

Breakdown of the daily visits:

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Which grade level has most of my attention currently?

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Translations! Translations! Translations!

Translation Breakdown

Being a Bilingual Director comes with extra work. I translate on any given week for the following:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Conferences (Parent-Teacher, Admin meetings)
  • Intervention meetings
  • Principal's Hearings
  • Police officers
  • Social workers,
  • Random phone calls
  • Registrations

A percentage of my time is also spent working in tandem with one of my counselors regarding private mental health issues that need to be discussed. The data doesn't show this, since much of my interaction is being documented by the counselors in the HUB.

Depending on the needs of the Administrators, I may also be called to help translate for disciplinary issues.

Although translating can be challenging at times, parents do feel more comfortable having someone well versed in the world of academics and emotional mental health.

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