Macbeth: Hero or Anti-Hero?

Macbeth was an anti-hero, because he wasn't a total villain and he was the main character. Macbeth first wanted to let fate him become king, but his wife challenged his manhood and he started killing and challenging the authority. Macbeth fell because he was sloppy and didn't cover up his tracks after killing all the people he killed. Macbeth doesn't have all the characteristics because he didn't got to authority when he saw something was wrong, Macbeth took matters into his own hands. Also Macbeth thought he was unbeatable until he meet Macduff and died.

V in V for Vendetta was fighting against the government because he was locked up somewhere and was experimented on and tortured. The monsters in the movie were the coroner, the priest, and many other people in high positions. V killed all the people that messed with him and turned him into what he was before. V successfully killed all of them, but he sadly died at the end like all anti-heroes do.