Lets be Organized~By Chloe and Sam

Why being organized is helpful

Organization, is a helpful strategies to stay on track with school and eliminating stress. When you're organized it can help eliminate stress by; not worrying about missing assignments and can help you focus on the work at hand.

Things You Need to Be Organized

What you'll need to be organize is a binder, pencil bag, calendar for school events and dividers for your classes.

How To Organize Your Binder

Binder organization

There's many ways you can organize your binder, like how you want to organize your dividers by organizing by class work or where you put all your homework, notes and graded work all together.

Why keeping Graded Work in your Binderr is A Great Idea

So you can go back and reference it for future tests and use them as notes to get better at it by using repetitions.