What's New @ East Campus Library

Our new books, DVDs, and displays are double plus good!

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Displays and new DVD Binge Bags!

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February is Black History Month

There are many talented black authors, musicians, actors, directors, and creators who should be celebrated all year. Come see our display (The ABC's of Black History Month) with a large selection of books, graphic novels, and DVDs available for check out. Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, Alex Haley, and Toni Morrison, for example have many celebrated works available for check out at our library. Below are some authors we would like to highlight who you may not be as familiar with.

Arizona statehood day is Valentine's day. Check out our AZ collection on display!

Romantic(ish) Movies and Chill on Valentine's day

As seen on TV

New Books

True Crime All the Time


Rodeo Break reminder & video


The east campus library will be closed for rodeo break, February 20th-22nd.