6 different types of energy!

By: Andrea Sanchez, Latisha Whitehead, Tyler Wynn

Types of energy...

~Mechanical Energy is dependent on somethings location and motion. Also, the more mechanical energy something has, the more work it can do.

~Thermal energy is the energy is the energy that comes from heat. This heat is generated by the tiny particles within an object .The faster these particles move, the more heat is generated. Stoves and matched are examples of objects that conduct thermal energy.

~Electrical energy is energy that comes from electrical potential energy.This energy is generated by the movement of positive and negative particles or electricity. Once electrical leaves its source, it is instantly transformed into a different kind of energy.

~The energy that resorts during a chemical reaction is called chemical energy. Its is a type of potential energy. Chemical energy is stored within the bonds of the atoms and molecules that make up a substance.

~Nuclear energy refers to the process of using nuclear processes in order to generate heat or electricity. Most of these nuclear processes are preformed using the rare earth elements.
~Electromagnetic Energy is an invisible form of energy in the transverse wave form. Of the many types of energys` in our universe, this form of energy is the only one that does not require a medium or matter to travel on or in. This form of energy can travel through empty space as a transverse wave.

Pictures of the 6 different types of energy.!

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Mechanical Energy

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Thermal Energy

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Chemical Energy

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Electromagnetic energy