What's Going on in the World?

Ashley Dolley; Editor-in-Chief

What Price is Being Payed for Food?

How should Americans consider the workers who help pick, process, and transport the food we eat? We should consider how much they do for us and that they are working there because its their last option. They work hard at making or processing the food we eat, sometimes they can get arrested or even worse. We shouldn't worry about they price of the food but be concerned about the people who are processing the food and their condition. If someone really thinks they are risking everything by processing meat and all we see is the price of the meat. When the meat factories don't have enough workers and no one is coming to work they higher people outside of the country called illegal immigrants. That can just cause more problems. That can also mean that illegal immigrant can be or will be taken into custody and sent back to their hometown.

What does Alice Paul have to say to Future American Women?

August 18, 1920

Dear Future American Women,

Today the 19th Amendment was ratified. We the National Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA) and American Woman Suffrage Association (AWSA), together are called National American Woman Suffrage Association (NWSA + AWSA), fought for the women's suffrage for quite some time and along the way have lost some good people and friends. We have also gained many good people and friends in the fight for the woman's right of freedom. All of us have come a long way and have fought a big battle for future generations to have the rights that we didn't have but had wish we had. To see this day come has brought women who have helped make this day come to a reality has brought joy and happiness to them all.

My advice to the women of America is to never give up on your dream. I didn't give up on my dream to help all American women even when times got bad. I had a choice to give up the dream that not only I wanted but every woman who wanted it, either for their children for themselves, or for the ones they loved and cared about. No matter the reason never stop fighting or for your dream. Every dream has its good features and its not so good features but that should never stop you from fighting. Sometimes they are just obstacles and you have to go around the ones that some people create or through your way.


Alice Paul

Down the Road of Alcohol

The XVIII (18th) Amendment was set to help prevent alcohol abuse, some people don't listen to what the signs say like the sing saying that 'This road leads to Death'. So not abiding to the sign they go past that and do the opposite by going down the road. The words on the road is when one thing leads to another by not abiding by the signs. In alcohol abuse (drunkenness) thing can an d will get worse and most people don't have control over their actions.

Gain Power by Sugar Interests in Hawaii?

More and more Americans go to Hawaii, and the investors in the sugar industry began to increase their control. Americans have a sweet tooth, and sugar planters become rich. Sugarcane plantations needed workers to keep the business running. With few native Hawaiians left, the planters brought in workers from China, Japan, and Philippines.

Kalakaua became king of Hawaii in 1874. At this point in time, America had gained control over Hawaii's land and economy. Kalakaua was strongly nationalistic. He resented the Americans' influence over his government and promised to put native Hawaiians into power.

Near the beginning of his reign, King Kalakaua allied himself with landowners in desire to strengthen the Hawaiian economy. In 1875 he negotiated a treaty that allowed Hawaiian sugar to enter tax free in the United States. This made the Hawaiian sugar cheaper than other sugar from different places. The Hawaiian sugar industry got a good boost from the treaty. The more money the sugar tycoons made, the more power they wanted over the Hawaiian affairs.

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Some German Promise

Germany is try to get Mexico on their side for war. Join the military to help win the war against Germany. Help prepare for war and win the battle. Help show Germany that they can't mess with us.


Limiting Immigration in the U.S.

The National Origins Act was a law that restricted immigration by establishing national quotas that discriminated immigrants from southern and eastern Europe. It was meant to keep the quotas of each country to 2% to prevent immigration in the U.S. Nativists were people who did not agree with immigrants coming to American, some of them started the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) to go after or attack immigrants. Anarchists (people who thought the government should be doing his duty in a certain way) felt the destruction of the Federal Government. Anti-radicals (people who disapproved radicals) didn't have fair trials in courts.

New Roles as Being Women

Women today are being treated like men by voting or getting new jobs they couldn't get before. This happened because the 19th Amendment was ratified on August 18, 1920. Because they didn't know how to vote at first they voted much like their husbands of their fathers. They got new workplaces outside of the home some jobs they could get to be were nurses, teachers, and domestic servants. Also because of the 19th Amendment they were able to get a better education by attending to colleges in greater numbers. Women had new family roles they shared equality between both husband and wife. Women "proper female behaviors" to men or their husbands started to change, women weren't as proper as they were before the 19th Amendment was ratified. Women started to wear what is called the flapper that defied the traditional ideas to men, like wearing a proper dress that does down to the ankles and women behavior started to change they started doing what guys did and act somewhat inappropriately or what wasn't normal in a guys perspective.
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First female going solo across the Atlantic Ocean

Amelia Earhart was asked by a New York publisher George Palmer Putnam to see if she wanted to fly across the Atlantic, and she agreed to later find out she was a passenger. She was the first woman ever to go solo across the Atlantic Ocean in 1932 she also had many other accomplishments, it was another first for woman, proved it to the world and to herself in 1928 that she wasn't a fluke. In 1937 she disappeared attempting to circumnavigate the world devastating admirers in the U.S. and across the world. Her public carrier lasted from 1928 to 1937 just under a decade, but she used her fame to promote two causes, advancement of commercial aviation and advancement of women.

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