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What sorta business is this anyways?

Taco Bell serves customers fast food.... what kind of fast food you ask?? Anything from a good 'ole taco, to a burrito and other tex-mex fast foods! You live outside the USA? Worry no more, Taco Bell has locations scattered all over the world, as well as over 5,000 U.S locations. No one is too old, too young, too short, too tall, too smart or not smart enough for Taco Bell. You want a taco? Go to Taco Bell and your cravings will be terminated.

Social Media Craze!!!

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Creating: Taco Bell is constantly posting about it's new menu items, promotional items, and more. All of these posts provide information about their company to all of their targets.

Curating: Taco Bell does many things to show that they care for their customers and fans. For example, they always retweet people's pictures about their taco's or other Taco Bell related things. Pictured below is a picture that they retweeted saying to "help this girl get some tacos". Things like this show that they care for their customers.

Connecting: Taco Bell does a good job of connecting with their customers. On Twitter, they are constantly posting about their snapchat and how fans can add them to view their stories (which include videos of their staff, tutorials on how to make menu items, etc).

Culture/Community: Taco Bell has been good at attempting to create a "culture" that suits their company. Things that they have been doing include posting about national holidays, reposting pictures sent in to them, creating hashtags that trend, and much more.

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Fans, fans, fans!!

Pictured above are some pictures submitted by fans. As you can see, some people like Taco Bell a lot, but some others have more than just a liking towards the fast food joint....