The Road to Perserverance

Matthew Borowski May 2016

The definition of Perseverance

Perseverance is the ability to push through something.

Jackie Robinson Cause and Effect

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Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Chronological/Sequence

First Nadja stopped playing violin for several months. Then Nadja had unhealthy eating habits, no exercise didn't go-out, depression and low-self esteem. Next Nadaja stopped playing violin and doubted her ability to play. After that her apartment fire happened and scooter blew up and caused eviction. Later Nadja only left her apartment to go to Juliahard. Soon after that Mrs.Delay said to Nadja '' Listen if you do not bring your violin I will throw you out of my class.'' Finally Nadja got notified that she qualified for semi-finals. Nadja had the best performance she ever done.She triumphed and now today she is a processional international violinist.
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This is Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg

Jackie Robinson and Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg Compare and Contrast

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Problem and Solution (The Sandy Road)

There was a merchant who sold goods. He wanted to travel across the desert to sell his goods at the large market for profits on a venture. He set out with a group of men on his journey. The guide said they were close to the market so he suggested that they throw away the extra water and food to make their load lighter and they went to bed for the night. In the morning the guide realized that the oxen had traveled in a circle all night and that they were far from their destination. They were out of water and food and wood. In the distance they saw a patch of grass and they knew that water must be nearby so they traveled to that area and started to dig for water. After a while they hit a rock and could go no further. The guide got a boy to break through the rock and suddenly water came to the surface. They watered the oxen and drank the water and got ready to travel to the town. They arrived at the town and sold their goods and made a good profit. They went back to their village and returned with huge profits.
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This is a picture of the guide driving the oxen to the market.

Description (Eleanor Roosevelt)

Eleanor was born in a townhouse in Manhattan. As a child Eleanor went to fashionable parties. Her mother was eloquent, the beautiful Anna Hall Roosevelt, wore magnificent jewels and fine and fine clothing. Her father, Elliott Roosevelt, had his own hunting lodge and liked to sail and to play tennis and polo. Eleanor had everything that any child could want-everything that could make her happy. Nut she was not happy. Instead her child hood was very sad. When Eleanor was born, her parents had wanted a boy. They were scarcely able to hide their disappointment. The one joy in the early years of her life was her father, who seemed to care for her, and love her.
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This a later picture of Eleanor Roosevelt

Lessons Learned...

People can learn many lessons from the perseverance of others. Many people can learn many things through perseverance. Jackie Robinson taught many people to turn the other cheek and be the bigger person and to not give up. Young athletes today can learn many lessons from Jackie Robinson's perseverance. He had a combative nature which helped him get through many adversities.