The Mindful Warrior Program

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Social Emotional Learning and Movement

Join Mr. Da'Mon Stith on a journey of discovery. Together you will learn how to be a more disciplined and empathetic warrior.

What is the Mindful Warrior Program?

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined as the state of being aware...of having clarity. When we are mindful, we are focused on the present. We have a clear understanding of our present state of mind, our present emotional state and our present physical state. With this understanding, we are able to better interact with ourselves and others.

In my Mindful Warrior Program, students will work on becoming fully aware of their mental, emotional, and physical states of being; students will become more mindful. While developing skills and strategies for mindfulness, they will see success in their navigation through life.

What is a Warrior?

A warrior is someone who fights for a just cause; they approach life with a code of conduct that dictates their actions. They are disciplined, strong, and compassionate leaders who rise in the face of adversity. They inspire others through their actions. The warrior way is a concept found in many martial arts disciplines which can teach children self-respect, self-confidence, peace of mind, and community service.

A Little About Me

My name is Da’Mon Stith; I have been training in martial arts for over 35 years, as well as teaching youth for the past 20 years. Martial arts quite literally saved my life as a youth and instilled fervent love for learning. It is my deepest desire to share this love with others. I have created a program that combines movement therapy, mindfulness exercises, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in a way that is dynamic and enriching to both the student and teacher.

The Program

In my Mindful Warriors Program, students will learn how to identify their emotions and implement techniques to help them communicate effectively with others, take informed actions, and make healthy lifestyle choices such as positive interactions with their communities, exercise, good eating habits, and adequate rest. Each session will consist of an SEL lesson, mindfulness activities (meditation, visualization, and de-escalation techniques), and movement therapy (martial arts and yoga). Though I do take time to focus on SEL, much of my class consists of movement.

It is my sincere hope that this program sounds like a good fit for your students.

The Movement

I use a combination of Africa martial arts (which includes continental and Diasporic) and yoga. Through this dynamic marriage of movement, students develop agility, control, and strength. As a teacher and student, I believe in growth mindset. We all come to this world with the ability to work hard. It is up to the individual to push his/her/them-selves to do better and be better. The ability to do so is ALWAYS there within us. I teach students about the willingness to dig deep in order to find how far each of them can go.
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Who is Mr. Da'Mon Stith?

Da'Mon Stith is a founding member of Cry Havoc Action Choreography, the sword instructor at BookPeople's Camp Half-Blood, the Chief Instructor and Founder of Guild of the Silent Sword, co-founder of Street Forge Armoury, and the president of HAMAA (Historical African Martial Arts Association) an organization he founded in 2016 dedicated to the research and reconstruction of lost fighting arts from Africa and the African Diaspora. You can also catch him as a weapon's expert on El Rey's Man at Arms (Season 2 begins October 4th). His days are spent training and educating others in the warrior traditions of Ancient and Medieval Africa arts and fabricating historical and fantasy weapons.

The Work I Do with Kids...

  • Half-Blood Camp: Chief Sword Instructor, elementary - high school-age students
  • AISD - Reflection Specialist: SEL and movement teacher, elementary-age students
  • AISD Enrichment Programming: capoeira and sword training, elementary-age students
  • Griffin School Martial Arts Instructor: weapons training, high school - age students
  • Tinker Teachers Maker: training weapons making, elementary-age students

My References

Joaquin Gloria III

AISD Principal @ Ridgetop Elementary


Elizabeth Mikeska-Benfield

Tinker Teachers


Topher Bradfield

Between the Pages


My Rates

  • All Day Workshops/Teaching: $750-$1000

  • Half-Day Workshops/Teaching: $500

  • Hourly Rate: $15/kid/hour/day

  • Discounted rates for underserved populations

Look out for The Mindful Warrior Workshops Throughout the Year!

  • student holidays
  • weekend workshops
  • summer camps