Family Across Generation

Ahniya Tuckenberry

what is your full name? why did your parents select this name for you? did you have a nick name

Cousin : Full name is Tionne Nautica Parker

Mother: Tangela Tuckenberry

StepFather: Robert Knight

When and where were you born?

Cousin: Born July 19,1997 In Chicago IL

Mother: Born April 25, 1968 Chicago IL

StepFather; Born January 1, 1963

How Did Your Family Come To live There ?

Stepfather; mother move to Chicago from down south

Mother; born and raised in Chicago

Cousin : Born in Chicago

Where there other family memebers in the area? who?

Stepfather: yes, sister, brothers, and cousins

Mother: no

Cousin: yes, aunties and cousins

what is your earliest childhood memory?

Stepfather: going to preschool

Mother: going to Mississippi

Cousin : when me and my cousin and aunties went to six flags

How many memeber did you in your family gorwing up? where you the oldest/youngest, only child?

Stepfather: 2 sisters and 1 brother. the youngest

Mother: 3 sister. the second oldest

Cousin : 2 sisters. Middle child

Descibe the personalities of your family memebers?

Stepfather: Brother was arrogant. sisters was ambitious and a loving person

Mother: loving ,caring, funny and crazy

Cousin :moody and cry baby

what kind of household chores did you have at your home

Stepfather: everything

Mother: everything

Cousin: everything

what age did you get your first job? what did you do for that job?

Stepfather: 15 years old , KFC

Mother: 13 years old , Day care

Cousin : 17 years old, checkers

what was school like for you as a child? what were your best/worst subject? where did you attend grade school? highschool?college?

Stepfather; strict . Best subject is graphic arts worse subject is data entry. Grade school he went to was W.E.B Dubois. High school he went to was carver

Mother: school was fun. Best Subject was English worst subject was math. she attended Brenan Elementary , Corliss High School, Olive Harvey College

Cousin: School was stressful but sometimes fun. Best subject was math worst subject is economics. Dirsken Middle School ,Thornridge High school.

Do You Rememeber any fads from your youth? popular hairstyles? clothes?

Stepfather : Bell bottoms finger waves, stack shoes

Mother; Pin ups, jordache jeans

Cousin: levis, roca wear, darion, all stars, micro braids, kinky twist

what are your thoughts/ attitude on the institution of marriage ?

Stepfather: marriage is a good thing . wonderful thing that there is someone for everyone

Mother: marriage is a good thing. good to be committed and faithful to one person for the rest of your life

Cousin : don't really care about marriage

what do you think of kids today?

Stepfather : they disrespectful and rude

mother : disrespectful

cousin : they cool

what advice would have for high school age student today?

Stepfather : stay in school, stack or starve

mother: stay in school learn as much as you can

cousin : stay in school