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Friday, September 16th

Picture Day

Our first Picture Day will be on Tuesday the 20th. Packets will be going home next week.

Safety Meeting

The Safety Committee met and your rep will be getting with you about what we discussed. They have a list of items that should be in your backpacks. Please make sure you have them in your bag within the week, as well as current maps posted in your room.

Our first Lock Down Drill will be on Friday, September 23rd at around 9:15. Please review the procedures for lock down with your class prior to this time.

● Quickly glance outside the room to direct any students or staff members in the hall into your room immediately.

● Lock door.

● Lower or close any blinds.

● Place students against the wall, so that the intruder cannot see them looking in the door. Look for the ‘Safe Corner’.

● Turn out lights and computer monitors.

● Keep students quiet.

● Do not use cell phones, Facebook, etc. during an emergency situation.

● Determine if there are any missing students.

● Do not open your door. Doors will be opened by administration when it is all clear.

● If someone is knocking on the door asking to be let in, ignore the request. Do not open the door for any reason.

● Ignore all bells and directives over the PA system.

Important Dates Next Week

  • September 20th - Picture Day
  • September 20th - Leadership Team Meeting
  • September 23rd - Lock Down Drill

Walk Throughs

Jeff and I will begin doing walk-throughs in the near future. You will be notified via Perform in Talent Ed when you have a new form to view. The walk-through form is entitled "T-TESS Observation Evidence Sheet".

We will simply type what we see into each dimension of the Planning, Instruction, and Learning Environment Domains. You will NOT receive a score for your walk-though, just simply evidence of each dimension. If you have any questions, please let us know!

You Matter Facebook!

There are some absolutely phenomenal people in CSISD

and we want to celebrate those fabulous folks!

In order to do so ​last year we created

YOU MATTER to Me @CSISD which is our

very own CSISD Hall of Fame.

To highlight the great things our staff members do,

anyone can nominate a CSISD staff member for


Happy, Happy Birthday!

Julie Wester - Sept. 22nd

Rule #3 .....

Fuel Your Ride With Positive Energy! There's still time!

Find Ali, and share something that has made you smile or feel proud in the first 4 weeks of school. She may just fuel your ride with a prize!

This Week in Pictures.....

Have a GREAT weekend!