Good Plumber Manhattan

Finding a Good Plumber Manhattan

At some point you will need the services of a qualified Plumber Manhattan - either to check the standard of your DIY efforts, or to do a job that is too much of a challenge. Unfortunately, many of the plumber from hell’ stories are true, but there are also thousands of qualified plumbers who are more than happy to do a fair day’s work for a fair day’s pay. How do you distinguish between the good, reliable plumber and the bad technician? The best option of course is to use a plumber who has been recommended by a friend. But if you can t do that, get some names out of the phone directory', phone up and ask about qualifications and guarantees. If a potential plumber gets angry' or makes excuses, simply keep searching. A professional who is fully qualified will be only too happy to provide you with evidence of his credentials.

Quotes and estimates

Great care should be taken when getting a price from a Plumber Manhattan. There is often some confusion between a quote and an estimate. A quote is a fixed price. It is the same as going into a shop and asking about the price of a new piece of furniture. You will be given a price and this is the price you expect to pay. An estimate, on the other hand, is an educated guess at the likely cost. Beware the plumber who says something like, ‘It’s going to cost you somewhere between 5000 dollars to 10000 dollars, because human nature being what it is, this will always mean 5000 dollars plus. Always get a quote, not an estimate. It is fine if the plumber starts by giving you an estimate, but always insists on a written quote.