Miss Cleasby's 4K News

News for the week of November 11th

Alphabet Soup

This week our theme will be Alphabet Soup! We will be reviewing the letter and letter sounds we have learned so far this year. We have learned L, T, F, H, T, and this week we will introduce the letter "i" as well. Click the link from www.pre-k pages.com below to take you to a list of ways you can help your child learn the alphabet at home. See the video below for a fun Alphabet Review song on You Tube called "Do You Know Your Alphabet?" !

Do You Know Your Alphabet? (ABC song for kids! Song by Mark D. Pencil and Friends)

Reading Out Loud

In 4K we don't have regular homework. Every so often we will send home book retells, math games, etc. to encourage interactions with your child on important pre- academic skills. Even though we don't have regular homework, the single most important thing you can do to help your child develop important pre-reading skills is to read with your child daily. The video below is a good reminder of how to read with your preschooler!

How to Read Out Loud With Your Preschooler

Last Week's Photos

Jolly Phonics

Our letter sound of the week is "i". The Jolly Phonics action for the letter /i/ sound is to pretend to be a mouse by wiggling your fingers at the end of your nose, like whiskers, and squeaking i, i, i, i...

Click on the video below to hear/see the the letter "i" jolly phonics song:

JOLLY PHONICS i song from Read Australia - Having FUN with phonics

Star of the Week A.M.

Ellia did a fantastic job as "Star of the Week"! Thanks Ellia for bringing your neat race medals and your cute baby books to show the class. Thanks for having your mom come visit our class and read us some of your favorite books!

Star of the Week P.M.

Meghan did a super job as "Star of the Week"! She brought some neat show and tell items in to show the class. Thanks Meghan for bringing your star necklace, Junie B Jones book, and your neat wand to show your friends!

Important Upcoming Dates

* The optional family "disguise a turkey" project was sent home last week. If you would like to participate, please send back your "disguised turkey" by Monday, November 18th so we can display them on our classroom bulletin board.

* November Scholastic book orders are due this Tuesday, November 12th. Order online at www.scholastic.com/bookclubs or send the paper order form back to school. If you would ever like the books to be a gift, please write me a note or e-mail. Otherwise, they will be sent home in your child's folder/backpacks and your child might see them.

* Tuesday, November 26th is our "Thanksgiving Feast". This week I will be sending home reminder slips for those of you who signed up on the volunteer form. Please let me know if you are unable to volunteer for what you signed up for.

Volunteers Wanted

* In January we will be starting our "Traveling Backpack" program for families that sign up. There will be more information to come on these neat bags filled with wonderful learning activities to do at home with your child. Planning ahead, we are looking for one person per class ( 1 for my a.m. class and 1 for my p.m. class) to volunteer every Tuesday for approximately an hour. This person would go through the traveling backpacks and check in the items to get them ready to send out with the next group of students. Please contact Miss Cleasby if you are interested.

* We would also like to find a regular volunteer to help for each class (one for my a.m. class from 8:20a.m.- 9:15a.m. every other Thursday and one for my p.m. class from 12:40pm-1:30pm every other Thursday). These volunteers would be in charge of one group during our regularly scheduled Thursday learning stations. This usually involves playing some sort of learning game with a small group of students. Please contact Miss Cleasby if you are interested.