Travelling NEVER looked better


The successful brand “Reyes” is known for only producing the most luxurious vehicles since 1920. Being the automobile industry for quite some time, they have proven to lift their game with the new and improved MR2000. Reyes cars are very well designed, have excellent engines, and makes driving feel more enjoyable and easier. This is the perfect family car which is 100% reliable. It not only has a classic appeal, but its high-quality features is what makes it truly irresistible.


The Dream Car: MR2000

It is praised for being comfortable and its impressive engine power. What more could you possibly ask for?

· Sideblades – are a feature design that not only appear as unique, but contribute to the role of direction on roads and the freshening and cooling of the air to the engine.

· Remarkable engine – balances the driving actions and exceptional control of the motorway.

· 4 doors – family friendly, and fit for family road-trips


The MR2000 thrives to keep the fantastic mix to be sophisticated, but casual at the same time. You will be catching everyone’s eyes on the roads.

More reasons as to why the MR2000 will win you over?

· Interior quality – there is an instant feel of luxury and magnificence

· Individuality – interior wise; you can choose between full-leather material and the softer car upholstery.

· LED headlights – energy efficient light sources will last you an extended period of time that are vastly bright to help you see clearly on the roads especially at night

· Storage – very handy on a day-to-day basis for ALL your belongings (work purposes, children’s belongings

· Safety – four airbags in case of accidents, brake assistance, system that offers steadiness while driving


The Reyes Company is committed to sustaining the environment. They are recording the carbon-dioxide release in the environment – trying to maintain it at low levels. They have stated in the past their promise to the wider-community to keep the security of the environment a priority. Information has reached Reyes regarding their successful results concerning the health and work safety, and the improvement in the release of carbon-dioxide.

In the future, Reyes hopes to produce hybrid cars by using alternative fuels, instead of running on gasoline or diesel.


"The MR2000 is my favourite car ever. It is super safe, and fits all my items, Driving feels so much smoother, They are well built and look wonderful. We recently went on a family trip, which was a three-hour drive and the kids did not complain. Everyone needs the MR2000."

- Georgia

The Super-Car to fit all needs