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Soul Matters for Parents, This Sunday 12:30-2pm

All who are doing the work of parenting are invited to a gathering of supportive folks reflecting on the theme of "Belonging" as it applies to parenting and family.

Childcare and lunch are provided

A Blessing for Parents:

Wherever you are, dear one, that is where you belong, because life is an adventure of unfolding. Every step forward depends on and needs the step that has gone before. Let us take into our hearts the charge from Sufi poet Rumi, who instructs: when loneliness, disaffection, and disappointment--that crowd of sorrows--knocks on our door, welcome them! Invite them in as tired old friends, parts of ourselves whom we receive tenderly. May we claim and belong to the sacred work we are doing: building soulful homes for our whole selves, and the whole selves of our loved ones. May yours be a heart and home where all of you belongs.

A theme activity for Belonging

A Treasure Hunt for What Belongs... and what DOESN’T!
Around the Neighborhood activities engage families with their surroundings through the lens of the theme. It’s about perceiving your well-known world in new ways Take our monthly treasure hunt list with you on your trips to the grocery, walks around the neighborhood or bike rides, and transform your everyday travel into a family adventure.

For this month’s treasure hunt, we’ll be finding things in our neighborhoods that exist in the liminal spaces between belonging and not belonging. We’re delighting in the paradox and hoping the complexity creates interesting discussions in your family!

• An invasive species of plant (If you’re not sure, make your best guess while you’re out and about and then look it up later. Common invasive species include bush honeysuckle, kudzu, and English ivy, and more are described here: • Broken glass on the ground (Why doesn’t this belong?) • A car parked where it’s blocking the sidewalk, part of a handicap spot, a fire hydrant, or a driveway. • A wild critter--or evidence of a wild critter--inside a building (mouse, moth, cricket, ladybug, etc.--why is it problematic for humans and these bugs to cohabitate? Is it always so?) • Trash… and people seeing it but just keep walking by • The first fall leaf or the last green leaf of fall • A cat and dog playing together rather than fighting

Trunk or Treat

Thursday, Oct. 31st, 4-6:30pm

2315 Division Street Northwest

Olympia, WA

Come Trick or Treat at OUUC! We'll have fun decorated cars parked in the lot, for a Trunk or Treat on Halloween in the afternoon. It will be lots of fun!

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Sunday Classes

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This Sunday: October 27th

The children in Labyrinth Learning have been exploring stories from Hinduism this month, and this Sunday they will learn about the holiday of Diwali. Spirit Play children will also have a story from Hinduism, about Ganesh.

In Middle School group they will be watching and discussing the Twilight Zone episode "Eye of the Beholder".

There is no high school group this week, as many of the youth will be away at District Youth CON.

9:15: All Ages Spirit Play class and Nursery Care


  • Nursery Care
  • Spirit Play for pre-K
  • Labyrinth Learning for 1st-5gth grades
  • Middle School Group


  • Soul Matters for Parents

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Our new year of classes begin this Sunday! It's going to be a great year, and one way to make it even better … knowing who will be coming!

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