J. Davis

The jews only belive in one god, adonai. there commen figur is Abram and there holy book is the bible or TeNakh. They do a prayer study there reliogon is based on lising to god and following his commandments. There are what the jews belive to be a guide for a good moral live on earth so you can get in to hevean. They only certen foods like they are can not have any pork they usally have shellfish with dairs. they also can become helpers or mebers if they become a Barnizsar is a boy, Batmitsvrah is a gril. they worship at Synagoues, the worship leaders are called Rabbi. There hoildays are mostly the same as christaitions. Rosh hanshanahis the start of the jews year. Yom Kippur is the time of repecens and forgiveness. Passover is when the Israils escaped from ancent eygpet, sabbat is when they try to make up our sinsjerslum is not a holidays it is a saccred city. Hanaka is in a hard time oil was just euophght for I night it sunndentily lasted for 8.