Portland Oregon Press

October, 26 2036

Newspaper Project Advanced by Mariah Washington & Ellie Wiesen

Hello Mrs. Boss, I know it's impossible to solve , but I need to know how to get a young girl to speak that has been traumatized by her past. Her name is Grace and she is 6yrs old. I'm afraid that she will never learn anything about the dangers in the world. Her dad was accused of being a sympathizer and her mom died a few days after his trial date. I constantly tell her that other people would be nicer if she would just talk. I can sympathize with her being that I've faced the unwelcome looks, but I guess it's not as easy for her as it was for me. Please help me save her from this dangerous path so her fait is not like her parents.

- Troubled Cousin

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Nothing is impossible to solve, the solution to your problem is time. Grace is young and is conveying a small sign of PTSD ( Post traumatic stress disorder). Getting her to talk might not be the best way to help her anyway. She needs to know that your not like her parents, and that she can trust you, but it is your job to build that trust

Building Trust :

- take her to the park

- let her hold your most valuable possessions

- keep all her secrets

- help her out of trouble

All these statements are ways you guys will be able to bond silently, then eventually she will come around.

- The BOSS

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Movie: delirium

Ratings ****

If you love drama and action but haven't seen this movie you haven't lived. Delirium is a movie based on Lauren Oliver's book series of delirium. This movie is full of action packed, romantic, and suspencful scenes. It has a strong female lead played by Naomi Scott from lemonade mouth. Her character Lena lives in a world where a disease called deliria, love, is spreading. In her world if u don't get cured you'll catch the disease. Will Lena avoid the disease or will she fall in love with Alex who is played by the charming Dylan O'Brien from Maze Runner. The ending to this movie is so amazing but to find out you will have to go watch. I hope your not still here you should be in your car on the way to the theater and don't forget to buy popcorn


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THE RAIDERS HAVE ARRIVED! They start pouring through the front, back and side doors. All Lena can think about is escape, but she knows she has to find Hannah. Lena pushes her way through the commotion just to find her 6ft match on the other side. Trying to escape the 6ft raider's presence she is tackled by a vicious dog. Feeling like she has failed Hannah, herself, and her aunt all Lena can do is suffer the pain. Then suddenly her hero, Alex, swoops in and saves her.
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