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May 4, 2015

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As we get ready for technology day and try new things to keep the interest of our students this last six weeks, I found a link that might help with generating some ideas.

We will also be building our next faculty meeting around technology that addresses the Tech Apps that include the 4 C's (Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration). Click here to access information on apps that help students with Critical Thinking. You may find one that could be easily implemented. Enjoy!!!

Next Few Meetings at a Glance - working agendas:

  • DIY Writing Common Assessment on the Compositions given this week for K-3. Please complete the protocol with your team by May 8th.

  • 5/5: Technology Training and Tech App Check to make sure that Tech apps are being covered and prepare for Technology Day on May 14th. Please bring PLC journal, ipads, laptops, and smartphones.

  • 5/12: Mini Session 3: Classroom Activities Reading and Writing Across the Curriculum Bring Homework (Specials Provide Snacks)

  • Progress Monitoring protocol - May 13th 30 min. during conference times in the conference room.

  • 5/19: Mini Session 4: Text Types

Thank you to.....

Thanks to kinder for a wonderful luncheon!!!!

We appreciate all of you helping to make the Volunteer Tea fantastic!!! You all are very much appreciated!!

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Keller University

Summer Learning Conference

July 20-23, 2015

Registration opens

on May 4.

You may browse the over 130 different sessions in the following ways:

1. Click here to view the Conference Catalog. (PDF)

2. Click here to view an interactive version of the Conference Catalog. (Requires Flash)

3. Click the tile on K-Cloud for Keller University. (Requires Flash)

4. Visit the Keller University category in Eduphoria Workshop.

Click here to access a Conference Planner!

E-mail Maria.Collins@kellerisd.net or Ashley.Hankins@kellerisd.net with questions.

Mentor Text

Resources from the faculty meeting:

Mentor Text Resource #1

  • In the search field you can enter keywords
  • Use a comma to separate multiple search terms (e.g., enter “making connections, persuasive” to locate books that will help you model these reading and writing strategies using a single read-aloud text)
  • Use an asterisk to stand in for unknown suffixes (e.g., if you want books that exemplify persuasive writing, enter persua*, since the original tag may have been persuade, persuasion, or persuasive)
  • You may also search by title and author
  • Use the “tags” button on the toolbar to search the entire tag list

Mentor Text Resource #2

In preparation for Mini Session 3 on May 12th , please implement a mentor text in your classroom. Then the bring mentor text to share how you used it with your students.


  • IMPORTANT LINK: Click here to access the collaboration calendar. School events, due dates, and important information are found on this calendar. We work hard to keep it updated. Thanks!

Building our Learning Community

Tweet out one thing that went well in your classroom, an aha moment from a child, a great comment, a quote, something that inspires you, a reflection, a question to think about, etc.... Include #FESlearns and let's learn and be inspired by one another!!! See if you can do it a couple of times this week! Another great hashtag is #proudtoteach. We have seen a few FES teachers on that one, too. Love it!!!


Intervention Support Teacher Profile

We are currently reviewing the on-line applications for the IST position. We will work to conduct interviews in the next few weeks. We have the job description and have been working with the Coordinator for RtI on specific skill set expectations related to the job. Since this is a K-4 campus support position, we have also created an IST profile to collect some data from you. If you would like to submit your recommendations for Florence's next IST, please feel free to add your information to the google document. Click here to access. Thank you!
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10 Habits of Ultra Successful People

Click here to access the graphic to learn more about the 10 Habits of Ultra Successful People. Enjoy!

Henry Cloud

It's really hard to be offended when we are loving our enemies. What an energy saver that principle is!