La première année


Les nouvelles (News)

  • Bonnes fêtes à tous!
  • Winter break is here! Enjoy your time with your children, and enjoy the holidays!
  • All students were given a homework packet for break. Please have them work on it over the break, and bring it back Monday, Jan 4, 2016.

  • School resumes on Monday, January 4, 2016.

What to work on over break


  • Your children can get on connectED. This is a program for all students to explore and practice their math skills. Information was sent home a few weeks ago about how to access this.
  • Review addition and subtraction problems up to 20.
  • Make flashcards with your child to practice simple addition and subtraction problems! (Ex: 2+2, 3+2, 4-1, 4-2, etc)
  • Use the number chart we sent home in the packet to count by different intervals and identify numbers you call out.
  • Order numbers from smallest to largest or largest to smallest.
  • Fun math websites: or or


  • Make sure you and your child continue reading over break! Try and squeeze 20 minutes in every day! This is very important. They have made great progress so far, so lets keep that going!
  • After you read a story ask your child questions like "who were the characters", "what did they do", "why did they do that", "where is the story set".
  • We have been learning how to read in 1st grade so take turns between you reading to them and them reading to you!

Ask your kids to speak French over break! Maybe they can talk with a sibling who also goes here, or they can teach you something!

Notre horaire (Our schedule)


Blue folder is due every other week (signed & dated)

Spelling homework due.

Spelling test.


Spelling homework goes home.


Math homework goes home.


Math homework is due,


Library books are due.

Reading log sent back to school.

Blue folder goes home every other week with student's work.

A la maison (at home)

  • Practice spelling words all week and weekend.
  • Check the red folder every day.
  • Count with your child up to 100.
  • Work on addition and subtraction word problems.
  • Work on greater than, less than, equal to.
  • READ!

Spelling Words






Read to your child every day in French or English!

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