Stem Cuttings

Sophie Majszak

Materials Needed:

  • Container to hold potting
  • plastic bag
  • Plant cutting
  • Stakes

Steps to make the cutting:

  1. Select a stem from the top of the plant
  2. Make a cut below the 4th leaf
  3. Remove the last 2 leaves from stem

Steps to place the cutting in soil:

  1. Fill container with potting soil
  2. Make a hole in the middle of the potting soil
  3. Insert the cutting into the soil
  4. Push the soil around the stem
  5. Cover the stem with a plastic bag
  6. Insert a stake to hold plastic bag away from the cutting

Steps after planting:

  1. Place in area with bright light
  2. Loosen bag if big water drops appear
  3. Remove from bag in 2-3 weeks and check if it has rooted by pulling up the plant