Term 3 - Week 8-9

Snapshot of 21st Century Learning


Fiction With A Twist - Lizzie Chase

Procedure Writing - Resources to support the teaching of procedures

How It's Made Series - Part 1 and 2. Three hundred videos in all to watch, discuss and create.

Persuasive and Emotive Language Poster

Authentic Text Poster - Created and shared by Colleen Potter.

My Shoes - The lesson planned is designed around a short film My Shoes. Students write about a story, watch a film, talk about empathy, envy......etc

The Continuum page has been updated.

NSW English Pinterest

New Curriculum Units

Paper Bag Princess - Created by Chris Fraser and Stephanie Lee-Smith -Stage 1-2 resource

The Very Cranky Bear - Sharon Tooney

Assessment Posters

Assessment Posters - Excellent resource created by Colleen Potter, thank you for sharing Colleen.

New Scheme Teacher Resources

New resources - Ideas on applying for jobs and the interview process, shared by Paul Ganderton. Plus a site to deepen New Scheme teachers understanding of education and policy.


Maths Frame resources - Another site filled with resources

Maths Interactive Resources - Another site filled with free reources

Geography - A link to geography units.

Web 2.0 Tools

Scratch Resources and programs

Use easel.ly to create an easy infographic

An Angry Birds Infographic rubric

Augmented Reality - String Pictures - view and experience for yourself using the app.

CBC Website - Visit the News ground section plus an e-safety section.

iPads and Apps

10 iPad Tips and Tricks

Bankaroo - A virtual bank for kids to help students understand about savings.

Using an iPad to connect to DEC Video Conferences - A simple step by step process.

Cross Curriculum

Cooking Program - Lots of ideas and resources to support your cooking program

Aboriginal Education - Many new links to including BOS, Virtual Books, ABC Online Indigenous, Reconciliation Australia, the Language of Belonging etc

Bring Your Own Device - Additional information to develop your understanding of BYOD.

Cyber Safety - A new look and new resources

ICT Posters by Simon Haughton

Bits and Bytes - Excellent collection of Bits and Bytes recordings. Learn about social media, iBooks, ICT Tools for differentiation, ICT and Aboriginal Cultures and Histories Program Builder, Cloud Storage and more.

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Laura Chaffey has created this fabulous SMORE on Technology News