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Weekly Updates

December 7th- 11th

Just a reminder if you are non-tenured or in cycle 3 (summative)- you HAVE to have your peer observations completed by 12/18.

Benchmarking is this week for our Winter Cycle. For those of you who are using STAR data as part of your SGGs, this is data you will use to chart your path and make sure you adjust. The growth and proficiency scores will be used in conversation with Dr. Poe to discuss our progress toward the end of the year.

** This information NEEDS to be shared with parents after everyone has completed it. We can send home information collectively in January, but students' growth scores and proficiency needs to be communicated to parents. You may want to send something home informing parents that benchmarking is this week.

For the Good of All...

Parent Pickup procedures: We are revising the pick up procedures to make it more efficient and safe. PLEASE communicate this to your families via your newsletters. All forms our on our website. Letters will be going home as well. This may affect some of your children as well (personal). - Please read.

University Meeting: This month our university meeting we will be school wide, as we are gathering together to be "crafty" and enjoy time with each other. Everyone must at least come to the meeting for the initial "house keeping" stuff, and then we will get our "artsy" on. :) We've invited the whole staff. I would love to see everyone together.

Staff Luncheon: The office will be providing a catered lunch for Christmas on Dec. 14th in the Multi-purpose room. Leftovers will be in the staff lunch room afterwards. (PLEASE close the fridge door) Merry Christmas! Thank you for ALL that you do. Sometimes they just seem like words, but we are very appreciative of our staff. Of course, it's easy when you work with the best... and I'm not saying that b/c I'm biased. It's the truth! ;)

Quick update: My surgery date is Dec. 29th- Not exactly what I wanted, but everything in HIS time. So, I'll be able to finish up this year with everyone. Looks like I may be out the first two weeks of January for sure. I'll be working some from home. (Yes... Dr. said I could)


How Santa Got His Job: Adorable book, and great way to bring in some career discussion. :) Could be differentiated up and down. (linked)

Wrap Ups: Lots of conversations about embedded assessments- It's not what we've always thought! It's always a great idea to wrap up the lesson or even your day with some reflective questioning. (linked)

Turn handouts into digital printouts!- Did you know that you can use your IPAD and scan a document and then just push it out to families via email, webpage, etc. It's as simple as downloading the app, scanning with your Ipad and then following the apps directions. No more " I lost my homework". (linked)

Calendar Chaos! ... It's getting better!


7-18th- STAR Benchmarking

10th- NHES Choir @ 7:00

14th- Staff Luncheon - MPR
15th- SBDM meeting in Library @ 4:30
16th- Cookies with Santa (during U/A)
K field trip

17th- University meeting @ 4:00 = Cafeteria
Holiday Play @7:00

21st- 1st- Winter Break

25th- Merry Christmas!


1st- Happy New Year! 2016... (It's a LEAP year!)
4th- Back to school! :)
4th- ACCESS testing for ELs begins

6th- SAC (5th graders)

8th- 4th grade to Art Museum
11th- 5th & 2nd ATMs
13th- 4th & 3rd ATMs
14th- Kindergarten & 1st ATMs

Team leader (cancelled)

18th- No school (MLK day)
19th- SBDM
21st- University Meeting

25th- Monday Meets - Star Data Analysis

27th- Special Ed Team meeting- ** Progress Monitoring Data for Students- Analysis