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June 2016

CCS STEM Schools Recognized at NC Board of Education

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Summer Dates to Remember

June 13-14 - STEM Curriculum Writing (PES only)

June 20-23 - PBL Training (R.Brown & Beverly Hills)

June 27-30 - NASA STEM Summer Camp

July 11-14 - STEMersion

August 1 - STEM Curriculum Writing/Ed Camp (Everyone @ J.N. Fries)

August 2 - STEM Curriculum Writing (Everyone @ individual schools)

August 3 - STEM Curriculum Writing (CWES, JNF, CCHS)

August 4 - STEM Curriculum Writing (CWES, JNF, CCHS)

Graduating Class

Central Cabarrus STEM Seniors celebrate being the first official STEM pipeline graduates.

Video Edit

Students at JN Fries are engaged in a video editing for their video editing class.

Designing Rube Goldberg Machines

A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device or apparatus that is deliberately over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion, generally including a chain reaction.

Robotics Parent Showcase at CWES

Testing Season

Testing season is in full swing! Check out this little video of Patriots' teachers and staff giving a little inspiration for students on their EOGs.
KNOW EOG Testing Parody: No, Meghan Trainor

Brenda Eason

K-12 STEM Coordinator

i3 INSPIRE Grant Project Director