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  • Lake Windsor High School quarterback Mike Costello gets struck by lightning
  • Lake Windsor Middle School Soccer Tryouts
  • Tangerine County Fair
  • Lake Windsor Middle School sinkhole
  • Mike Costello's wake was on Friday September 8th
  • Local Middle schoolers caught vandalizing an exhibit at the county fair
  • Lightning continuously strikes in the same place at the same time in the backyard of a Lake Windsor home
  • After Mike Costello's death Lake Windsor High School football practices changed to 6:30 - 8:00 am
  • Muck fires in Lake Windsor constantly getting worse by day
  • Local mom protests Lake Windsor High School football practice times after Mike Costello's death

Paul and Erik Fisher interview

The new Lake Windsor High School football kicker Erik Fisher was here with us earlier today to discuss his family and future football dreams. Our first and only question for him was "Have your big dreams for football gotten in the way with your family life"? In response Erik said "In some ways yes, but I definitely think my success in football will help me get into better schools like FSU and my parents wil be even more proud than they are of me now. Me and my father are close but me and my mom probably need to work on our relationship. However me and my brother Paul have always have a strained relationship which will be hard to fix. He's stuck in my shadow while I'm in the spotlight". That response was very heart shattering, yet well said; it's very hard to keep a good relationship with your family when you're playing sports, so hopefully Erik can mend all of his broken relationships. Lastly we interviewed Paul and asked how he felt on the "Erik Fisher Football Dream". In response to our question he said "Erik will always be my brother, and I'll always love him for that, but I wish we could both share the attention so I wouldn't feel so left out. I know Erik loves football but he should love our family as much as he loves football." In conclusion the "Erik Fisher Football Dream" isn't working out for everyone.

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Tragedy Strikes!

Tuesday September 5th Tangerine County lost Mike Costello a high school junior at Lake Windsor High School. According to witnesses it happened at football practice. Costello was standing at the field goal when suddenly he got hit by a strike of lightning. As soon as the lightning struck him he went flying through the air; when he returned to the ground his face was burnt as well as his hair. Doctors tried everything they could to save him, but he was later pronounced dead. Rest in peace Mike Costello.

MOYA close up

This month is the Month Of the Young Adolescent, so we want to talk about issues in Tangerine County facing adolescents. One major issue with teens now is bullying, especially cyber bullying. One way to stop this harassment is to monitor what you're kids are doing on their phones and to check on them once in a while to see how they are doing. Another issue is teens not thinking for themselves and being followers. Kids now act like followers and do all the things that "cool" people do and even try and wear the same clothes as them in fear of not fitting in. Lastly an issue is internet addiction. Sometimes teens feel like their whole life is online and they have no one there for them in reality. There's a whole other world online that kids get themselves involved in and that can end up with them being anti social in reality.