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Thank you for sharing your children with us!

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Tardy Slips - Starting Monday!

We are talking a lot about responsibility during our morning meetings. Please talk to your child about being responsible by getting to class by 7:40.This means they are in their seats by 7:40 and ready to start. If they are in the hallway when they 7:40 bell rings they will be sent to the office to get a tardy slip.

Thank you for your support!

September is Attendance Awareness Month Attend Today, Achieve Tomorrow

Northwest ISD believes attendance is essential to a successful education. To accomplish the district’s vision to be the best and most sought-after school district where every student is future ready: ready for college, ready for the global workplace and ready for personal success, NISD values a partnership with parents and community members by sharing the responsibility in preparing students for what lies ahead. Research shows developing a habit of good attendance helps students excel in school and eventually in the workplace. Thank you for your continued partnership in your child’s future success.

Car Riders

DON'T FORGET: If your child is a car rider, you must have a sign printed from the front office for your car. Please display these in your windshield during dismissal. If you do not have a sign, you will be asked to go to the front office to verify identification. It is our goal to keep every child safe! We want to be sure that students are only going home with someone who is authorized to pick them up. THANK YOU!

  • Don't forget to join Nance PTA
  • Don't forget to sign up for teacher's remind 101

Classroom Deliveries

There are many, many students forgetting their lunch boxes and/backpacks at home resulting in multiple deliveries to the classrooms each day. We need your help in reminding students to come to school prepared for the day. The character trait for this month is Responsibility. This is the most opportune time to have a discussion with your child/children about being responsible and getting to school with their lunches and backpacks. Beginning Monday, September 12, we will no longer deliver lunch boxes or backpacks to the classrooms. If you are bringing your child's lunch box to school, we will deliver it to an assigned table in the cafeteria marked for each grade level where the student can look for his/her lunch box when they go to lunch. Drop offs for lunch must be delivered to the office prior to 10:00 AM. No deliveries will be made after 10:00 AM. Making multiple deliveries to the classroom during the day is a disruption to the instruction taking place.

School Counseling

School counseling services are available for your child. This is a great opportunity for any child who could benefit from; handling difficult situations, building new friendships, separation anxiety, and more. If you are interested and do not have the consent form, email your teacher and they can get a form to you.

Curriculum Night

If you missed Curriculum Night this past Tuesday, no worries! Please look for an email from your teacher with the following presentations: Learn S'more Kindergarten, K-2 ELA How to Help at Home, and K-2 Making Sense of Math.

Important Dates

9/20 Fundraiser forms and money due Tuesday, September 20.

9/20 Watch Dog Kick-off 6:30-7:30

9/29 EHS Community Night at Eaton Stadium 7pm

10/25 Health Screenings- Parents, please remind all students to wear appropriate eye wear, and hearing wear if applies!!

Friday Fun Day!

The Kindergarten Team has gotten together to come up with an additional behavioral plan that was put in action last week. We are now giving the students who do not get their folder signed all week “Free Recess” at the end of the day as an additional recess! Those that DO get their folder signed at LEAST once will stay inside and do some kind of activity.

We Need Your HELP!

  • We are working on the 5 Senses. Next week we will work on the sense of taste. Please send one green/red apple with your student on Monday.
  • We are working on collecting and sorting objects in Math next week. We are in need of empty egg cartons!

Thank you for your support!

Please send water bottles with your child everyday. It is especially helpful after recess!

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What are we learning next week?

  • We will reread stories and notice how many words are on the page so that I can remember more of the story and say more on each page.

  • We will use words to connect one page to the next so that I can make old storybook favorites sound grown up.

  • We will read the books again and again so that I can sound exactly like the book.
  • We will use our know-it-by-heart power so that I can point and read some of the words from my book.


  • We will think of a moment in our lives so I can draw a picture that matches my moment.
  • We will plan a story and visualize it so I can record the story on paper.
  • What is an opinion? Do we all need to have the same opinion? Why?
  • We will organize our story so I can write a beginning, middle, and end.
  • We will practice skills for listening and responding so I can share my work at the author’s chair.


  • We will sort toys so that I can state one rule I sorted by.
  • We will sort animals so that I can state my rule and describe my thinking.
  • We will learn to sort by more than one rule so that I can sort my math tools.
  • We will sort materials so that I can make a collage to justify my rule.
  • We will sort items in the cafeteria so I can justify rule.

Social Studies

  • We will plan and act out a play so that I can show how people work together to solve problems.


  • We will learn about the five senses including taste and touch to better understand our natural world.
  • We will discover the different areas on our tongue to better understand the sense of tasting.
  • We will record and organize data and observations using pictures, numbers, and words
  • We will communicate observations with others about simple descriptive investigations.

Kindergarten Team

Ms. Hutchinson

Mrs. Ah Leong

Mrs. Morrison

Mrs. Castillo