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Shawnee High School

A Note From Guidance

Senior year, what!? Now is the time for students to start making decisions about what their next steps in life will be. We are here to help! We have created this newsletter to be a guide to the resources students need to be successful their senior year. Also, we will be scheduling senior checks with each individual student to discuss their future plans. As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions. There is a Google Form at the end of the newsletter to submit questions and we will get in contact. We hope the Class of 2022 makes memories and cherishes their last year as a Shawnee Indian. Go Tribe!

A Guide To the College Admissions Process Presentation

This is such an exciting time in Seniors' lives, but it is full of change which can sometimes feel less exciting and more stressful. Volume up! Click the link below to watch this presentation with audio about the College Admissions Process.

Financial Aid Night

Come join us on November 4th at 6pm in Room 160 for our Financial Aid Night. The director of financial aid at UNOH, Kimberly Clevenger, will be giving an informative presentation about paying for college.

Senior Meeting

On Wednesday, September 22nd, the school counselors met with the senior class to go over important information for senior year. Click here to see what we discussed!

Senior Profile

We need every senior to complete the Senior Profile. The hardcopy can be submitted to the guidance office or emailed to the student's school counselor. Click here to get a copy if needed.

Testing Schedule

Think about taking the ACT one more time. Click here to see the testing calendar for this school year.


Check out the Active Scholarship List for scholarship opportunities. More scholarships will be posted in the winter and spring. Pay attention to the announcements and Google Classroom for scholarship updates.

What is the Common Application?

The Common Application (CA) is a common format that many colleges use for the college admission process. If a student is going to apply to several schools which use the CA, it simplifies the college application process for both students and school staff because students can apply to multiple colleges with one application process. The CA uses a holistic selection process.

Click here to access our Common Application Guide.

Click here to access the Common Application.

Transcript Request

Click here to request your transcript to be sent to colleges. Please know your admission deadlines and allow the guidance staff at least two weeks to provide the needed materials to the college.

College/Career/Military Visit Request Form

Shawnee High School permits students two days each year for college visitations, career experiences or military recruitment procedures. For an approved school absence in relation to college/military/career visits, students should complete this form at least two days prior to the date of the requested visitation. Students are expected to confer with teachers prior to the visitation in order to arrange for make up work. Students are not permitted to take college visitations after the first week in May.

Students must take the following steps in order to make a college/career/military visitation on school days:

1. Arrange the visit with the college
2. Complete this form.
3. Wait for confirmation/approval from guidance (through school email).
4. Confer with each teacher prior to the visit in order to arrange for make up work.
5. Bring/scan or send through email confirmation of visit from college to your school counselor.

Advice for Seniors

  • Keep your grades up. Strong grades/GPA during the first semester is critical.
  • Be mindful of deadlines.
  • Plan ahead to get the best recommendation letter.
  • If you need a recommendation from a teacher for college, scholarship, or a job, your first step is to ask the teacher if he/she is able to write you a recommendation letter.
  • Make sure to tell the teacher the deadline and give the teacher AT LEAST two weeks to write the letter.
  • You also need to let the teacher know how to submit the letter (common app, sent to guidance to be mailed with transcript, etc.).
  • Make as many memories as you can! This year will fly by.

Q & A

Please submit any questions you may have. As a guidance department, we will post our answers in the Class of 2022 Google Classroom so all students can see the answers. If you are a parent, we will email you directly with our answers. No question is a silly question. If you're thinking about it, ask us! We are here to help. Click below to access the Q & A form.

Guidance Website

The Shawnee High School Guidance website is full of additional resources to help with college search, career planning, scholarships, etc.

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