Communism starts problems sometimes

By: Erick Macias

Mao Zedong

Communism in China started with Mao zedong. He grew as a peasant, but was wealthy enough to go school. He studied Marxist ( communism ) writing at the Beijing university. Later became a member of the CCP - the Chinese communist party. Later he became the leader of the communist red army of 100,000 troops

The long march 1934

The long march was really important for Mao Zedong. It was where nationalist party leader chaing Kai shek & 700,000 troops forced Mao Zedongs red army of 100,000 troops to evacuate southern china. This was very important because on the way there they picked up lots of follower who wanted communism. As he gained more followers he had more power and was more of a big leader. That is a very important way communism spread. In 1949 Mao created and became chairman of people's republic of china.

The great leap foward 1958

Mao Zedong wanted to take china to the next level and be a very powerful country in the world. For this china needed advancements in industry as in more factories to produce more goods and services. At this time there were many Chinese peasant farmers. Mao Zedong made all the farmers work In industry and this caused a food shortage since there were no farmers to make food. Peopled starved and couldn't live in the right conditions, this was one of his first movements and it failed causing people to loose faith in Mao Zedong.

Cultural revolution 1966

The word revolution may scare you but all it means is change. For china their "revolution" changed their rights, their self expression through art and religion were banned. This who disobeyed this law were punished and at most killed! They didn't want any of their people to get influenced by the western democracies. He wanted only his people to celebrate communism ideas. This helped the spread of communism because the Chinese people in the next generation dint really know about democracies since all western democracies art was banned. All they knew was communism here and there.
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Tianamen square.

On top in the picture you can see a very brave man who stood up to military tanks to try and stop what was going to happen. He is now known as tank man and is a big role in the tianamen square massacre. The Tiananmen Square Massacre was a response to a protest in the Peoples republic of china (PRC) in 1989. Also known as the June Fourth Incident, it occurred when several waves of protests across the course of a few months came to a head. The PRC government debated over whether to try to stop the situation through discussion, but eventually decided to suppress it militarily.this meant they would use military authority to make the people stop. Estimates of how many students were killed range from hundreds to thousands. This led to mass criticisms and sanctions around the world, and has remained a controversial topic into the 21st century.

Did the containment of communism work?

I don't think the containment of communism worked since the goal was for communism to stay and not preadolescent at all but no, it spread to other countries. That means the goal wasn't completed which means they failed the mission. Like in Vietnam the goal was to contain communism in north Vietnam. According to the Vietnam war article, "in 1976, northVietnam united both north and south Vietnam to form a socialist republic of Vietnam." "Vietnam remains a communist country today"