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Stance on "No Child Left Behind"

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Edication: "No Child Left Behind"

Issue with the issue

This program was made in 2002 and basically mandates all 50 states to hold annual standardized testing.


Pros: it has provided accurate comparisons between state schools.

Cons: some students are bad at testing and it costs the US about 1.7 million yearly

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Stance on issue

In our opinion, although this seems fair, it is not. Some students have 3.8 GPAs but get 1100 on SATs. Other students are book smart, and they see testing fair for them. In reality, the students who have a good work ethic but a terrible memory or just aren't good at test taking shouldn't need to take tests. 2.5 GPA students at their best should NOT be taking the same test as Yale capable students.
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