My Orange Duffel Bag

By: Echo Garrett

Book Report By: Lane Huebert

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Sam Bracken as a child had pretty much the worst life you could imagine. He still worked hard though and at age 13 he decided he was not going to be like the rest of his family. So the next year a teacher realized he needed glassed and then his grades started to improve, he also attended a football camp and that year as a freshman he made it on the varsity football team and they ended up winning the championship. When it is time to go to college he got a lot of letters but he decided to go play at BYU, he ends up blowing out his knee playing in Las Vegas all star game. He had to start all over, and had to find a new college and one day he got a phone call from Georgia Tech University in Atlanta. He flies out there and meets the coaches. His Freshman year at college he earned a varsity letter and the coach told him he has a future in the NFL. In the spring game he is issued a pair of broken shoulder pad and it hurt every time he got hit or hit someone and they began to pop out of socket all the time. The surgery may not allow him to play football again but he is getting it anyway. He works very hard and he can now come back and play football but he has been moved to and offensive lineman. He ends his college career and football career he is still proud of his accomplishments and ends up becoming a missionary and meets his wife on a trip and had 3 kids.
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What did you enjoy about the book?

I enjoy that it's a life story and that it doesn't just entertain you but it also teaches you something about life.

Is the book well written?

Yes, they spread it out in 3 different chapters--My Life, My Journey, and 7 rules for the road.

Which characters played an important role to relate to the overall theme?

Sam Bracken-was a abused child had an awful life, but moved forward and lived his life to the fullest.

Georgia Tech Coach-taught Sam important lessons in college and is probably the main reason that Sam got to play football again after his surgery.

Best Friend-Let Sam live with him when his mother kicked him out of the house.

Why would you recommend this book?

Because although it is enjoyable to read it teaches you life lessons.