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With prices of everything from gas to food skyrocketing, why would you spend $1000 on a new mattress? Why not just buy one for $300, or deal with the one that you have? What’s the difference between a $300 mattress and a $1000 mattress at your mattress store Tampa?

The most obvious difference between a cheap mattress Tampa and a more expensive version is substance. A more expensive mattress is going to be more supportive, because it will have more steel in the coil system. This may come in the form of stiffer, thicker coils, or by more coils in the bed. Either way, the more steel that’s in the bed, the better support you’re going to receive, and the longer the bed is going to last. Additionally, more expensive beds will use more expensive, denser foams. These might be latex, memory foam, or a combination of the two. These denser foams offer better pressure relief; help eliminate tossing and turning, and last for much longer without developing permanent body impressions.

The feel of a discount mattress Tampa will also be much different than it’s more expensive cousin. Really inexpensive sets are not firm, but not soft. They can’t be firm, because they just don’t have enough material in them to be hard, but they can’t be soft either, because they have minimal padding. There is even a measurable difference between a $600 mattress and a $1000 mattress. The $1000 plush mattress is going to feel more luxurious, yielding but supportive. The $600 mattress is going to be soft, but you will still feel the firmness of the coils through the padding.

It goes without saying that the support will be better on a more expensive mattress, but you should also think of other ways that you become uncomfortable. Think heat. Cheaper mattresses have less breathable materials, and you will sleep warmer on them. That $1000 mattress will have cotton or bamboo in the cover, natural fibers in the padding, materials that increase air circulation and heat dissipation.

Finally, assess the final cost. Say you purchase a $300 mattress today, and it lasts you 3 years. Over a 15 year period, you’ll have to purchase 5 of these $300 mattresses, totaling $1500. If you bought that $1000 mattress, it will probably last you the 15 years, comfortably, and will have saved you $500 over that time. Sometimes the cheapest isn’t really the cheapest.

Now all this doesn’t mean that you can’t find a good mattress sale tampa fl, and get that $1000 mattress for closer to the $300 price. Shop your mattress stores in Tampa, and compare prices. But take a hard look at the quality that you’re getting, and consider purchasing the better bed. It might be better for you in the long run.

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