Double Identity

By Margaret Peterson


The theme of Double Identity is to be aware of what is around you.For Bethany it was a random day and she overheard her aunt say she does not know who Elizabeth is.If she did not hear that everything would be different.Always be aware of what is around you because something big could happen that you do not know.

Character Analysis

Brave:Bethany is brave to go into the mystery like that because she could get in trouble.

Problem Solver:Bethany is a problem solver because she solves all the mystery's thrown at her with a few clues.

Shy:When she had to move and stay at her aunt's it was awkward because she was so shy

Double Identity


Bethany lives a normal life until her mom and dad started acting weird.Her mom and dad dropped her of at her aunt Myrile's house who she had never met.One day she heard her dad tell Myrile she does not know who Elizabeth is.Bethany got interested in who Elizabeth was when someone mistaked her for Elizabeth.Myrile promised Bethanys dad she would not tell her who Elizabeth was but she broke her promise by telling her that Elizabeth was her sister that died in a car accident before she was born.

Double Identity

I recommend this book