China and Japan

Vickson Leji


The Ming dynasty lasted from1368-1644. Their leaders included Hongwu and Yongio. Built by Yongio, The Forbidden City was the home of future emperors and was called The Forbidden City because commoners where not allowed to enter. Zheng He led voyages and distributed Silver and silk everywhere he went to show superiority. As a result A lot of people paid tributes to China.


The Qing dynasty lasted from 1644- 1912. The Qing dynasty was started by the Manchurians, who invaded China and seized Beijing. The Qing dynasty ruled for 260 years and expanded China's borders.

Government and Foreign Realations


The Chinese didn't want to succumb to foreign influence, moreover they had no need for British good and wanted China to be self sufficient; therefore, they did not trade with the Europeans.


Shogun was the title given to the countries top military commanders, who had a lot of power. Tokugawa was the founder and first shogun of the Tokugawa Shogonate in Japan; as the first shogun he unified japan. The Japanese developed a close door policy which advoacated a restriction on trade with Japan limiting trade to only certain ports.