4594 20th St population300 time8:10

Your cover, you're terrified your mission is to survive

This information will help you and remember don't fail

Try to converse with your fellow spy's wait tell 8:22 and head up stairs keep going down the hall watch for snipers. Keep going till you see the large orange quarantined zone you will see lockers find yours. Turn to the right --> then left<-- past the next number and to it the second time finally right to the last number -->you can fully store all your combat equipment in here but hurry you need to remain in cover get to your class asap.
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Read me when you make it to class objective Alpha

This message is for tips in class

  • Take notes we need recon
  • pay attention it could save your life the big orange zone its called a house this one is yours
  • Make sure to repeat this in your other classes

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Mrs. evil, the first grade teacher

If your reading this your still alive and ready for lunch

Remember lunch costs One Million dollars ... Ha just kidding thats a first grade ransom. But lunch is serious there are now more options for MRE's (food) yep communications are up better food. I have an authorized a happy dance. Ok after lunch get your gear and head for class but no spy pens only spy pencils

3rd hour

Welcome back to class agent good to see you continue you to have surveillance after this class SCRATCH uh oh there is something wrong this next class it's called Encore we have intel that Encore is like a study hall most of the time you will face your arch enemy READING. To bad agent pull threw and expand your horizons. over and out

Other threats to this day include Electives

You heard right electives Band art Gym Computers Choir and more all stand in your way these also include after school activities quiz bowl art club teens for christ all are here to stay.

I am afraid this is the end

communications must stop now Remember the steps and continue to recon see you in a year Central Intelligence Out. Oh and a word of the wise don't throw shoes