Miep Gies

BY: Abirami

Concepts to Know

  1. Holocaust- The systematic mass killing of Jews in concentration camps during world war two
  2. Concentration Camp- A place where large amounts of people are imprisoned in a small area awaiting persecution
  3. Anne Frank- A German born diarist, one of the most widely known victims of the Holocaust
  4. Otto Frank- Anne Frank's dad, the sole survivor of the Frank family, Miep Gies' employer
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Who was Miep Gies?

  • A Holocaust Hero
  • Helped Anne Frank and her family hide from Nazis
  • Saved only remnants of Anne Frank's diaries
  • Saved the lives of many Jewish children that were held in concentration camps

Early Life

  • Born on February 15, 1909
  • Born in Austria, although raised in the Netherlands
  • Orphaned at a young age because family income was low
  • Raised by a foster family
  • Miep Gies was a name given to her by her foster parents, her real name was Hermine Santrouschitz


  • First job was an office worker
  • Fired because unemployment rates grew high
  • Got married to Jan Gies, a Dutch man
  • Second job (making jam from a substance called pectin)involved working with Anne Frank's dad, Otto Frank
  • Given opportunity to join Nazi club for girls, Gies refused
  • Gies hated Hitler, wanted him to die
  • Helped Franks go into hiding
  • Saved lives of many Jewish children
  • Saved Anne Frank's diaries from the Jews
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Later Life

  • Retired in 1947 to become a homemaker
  • Gave birth to a son Paul at age 41
  • Lived until age 100
  • Died on January 11, 2010
  • Wrote book called "Anne Frank Remembered" at age 97
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Video- Miep Gies talks about why she helped