Hutcheson Jellyfish Weekly News

December 15-19

The final classweek of 2014....

This week is a short one but a busy one.
  • Las Posadas is from 9:30 -- 10:00 on Wednesday.
  • Chapel 3rd/4th Grade concert at 10:20 on Thursday.
  • Holiday Party in the classroom on Thursday afternoon.
  • Lessons and Carols on Friday, 3rd Grade is performing--early dismissal at 10:00 a.m. (PLEASE LET ME KNOW ASAP IF YOUR CHILD WILL NOT BE ATTENDING LESSONS AND CAROLS) Thank you!


This week, we will introduce subtraction. We will be teaching mental strategies to the students for numbers 20 and down. This should help with the students who still rely on counting on fingers. In class, we continue to work on model drawing to complete word problems


This week, we are finishing up with our narrative writing and create a completed piece. The students are excited to see their hard work pay off. They have been working on leads and endings to their work, using specific strategies that we have noticed other authors are using. The students have also been working on elaboration, paragraphing, using dialogue effectively, and finding the heart of their story. This is the first time they have written like this, and it's been a joy to watch them grow and learn.


Spiral due and Assessment on Wednesday

Science--Rain Forests!

The students are choosing topics of their choice (once okayed by me) to research during class and present in class on January 12-14. They are so inquisitive and have a wide variety of topics they want to learn about. After they present, we will be examining how all this information they have discovered fits together.

A words of thanks from Ms. Hutcheson

It has been such a privilege working with your child over the past few months. They have all grown and discovered and learned skills that will suit them well this year and for the years to come. Have a lovely break, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone when we return in January. Don't worry--I'll send out another email before this Friday. :)


Monday: Dreambox/Kakooma
Tuesday: Spelling Assessment tomorrow. Make sure that Tic Tac Toes are completed
Wednesday: Spelling Assessment in class, Final night to review words for Lessons and Carols song...