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Welcome to my page. Im a very pretty girl and i believe in womans rights. i believe we are just the same as men. im so happy my fiance accepted my attitude and my strong personality.

Ismene is my sister, i love her and we're very close, she is the only person who knows the most about me.

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Haemon is ofcourse my friend on facebook because i am engaged with him, he does have my heart and im happy that we have each other. Also i like to stalk his wall make sure he's not stupid.
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Lucy Burns

Woman's Suffrage leader. She and others were arrested for picketing the White House in support of a federal amendment granting women the right to vote. This is my friend on facebook because I respect her and what she believes in. I believe strongly for women, I believe that women should have the right to do what they want. We are the same as men , sometimes stronger or smarter.

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This is my sister, of course she is my friend on her because i love her. Nothing can seperate us no matter what. If she goes down we all go down.

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"why not? our own brothers' burial! Hasn't Creon graced one with all the rite, disgraced the other?" (page 60)


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Updated Status: December 20th, 2015

i really realllly really hate Creon!!! HE'S putting me away as if I don't have any rights, we are all equal, everyone is afraid of him.. NOT ME !

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this picture describes me because im very strong and powerful, I fight for what I believe in. no matter the consequences; if I believe in it, I will fight for it. If that's the only choice I have then I will be.. whether if its me alone or me with thousands, I am not afraid.
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This picture describes me and my sister's bond. We argue a lot and have our differences but she'll always have my heart because that is my sister. Whenever she needs me i am here for her, she'll always be here for me.
Empire Cast - Conqueror (Lyrics) Ft. Estelle & Jussie Smollett

My favorite song..

I love this song, it makes me feel good about life. It reminds me to remain strong that i can get anything i put my mind to done. "i wont accept defeat" (me singing to Creon) lol