Asking Price: $77,000

The BrioBand will be available for purchase on July 21st! (available in 2 sizes, although it grows as you grow)

Don't you hate it when you go to Venus and you can't maintain life? Well, the BrioBand is here to help! The soon to be released BrioBand is a new innovative headband that allows your body to sustain the homeostasis it needs to live.
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How Does It Work?

The BrioBand maintains homeostasis by maintaining the 8 characteristics of life.

The BrioBand is gender based, allowing for the aiding of reproduction. It also aids in adaptation, growth & development, growth of DNA, energy, homeostasis, and evolution. All of these things happen because the band sends the necessary elements to the necessary systems.

The BrioBand also gives you the 5 basic needs of survival. It holds food and water, which are injected into your body when needed. It releases oxygen to breath, and will put you to sleep when it senses you need it. Lastly, the BrioBand will provide shelter. There are 2 options of shelter, it can project a blanket out over the head, or it can transform/expand itself into small living quarters.

Side Effects:

If placed at a 17.46% angle, the headband may shoot any amount of insulin into the brain, possibly causing death.