by Alex, Katie, and Owen!

Important Tools

Shoemakers use a lot of different tools. Some of the tools are leather to make the outside of the shoes, two thousand thin headless nails called sparrow bills, and shoemakers sometimes use wood. The shoemakers need knifes to cut leather and other objects. The knife has a name. It is called a clicker knife. Shoemakers make the best shoes in the world.

What Do Shoemakers Do?

Shoemakers make shoes. They take a block of wood called a last to carve the outside of the shoe. After the outside the shoe is carved the shoemakers carve the inside of the shoe. A shoemaker's shop was very busy. Instead of taking money

shoemakers would take ten crops.

Why are Shoemakers Important?

Shoemakers are important because they have one of the most important trades. Shoemakers are important craftsmen because they make shoes for the town. Without shoemakers people wouldn't have shoes .

Interesting Facts

  • Shoemakers brought tools on the boat they came on
  • When man owner died wife took over the shop he owned
  • They arrived in America in 1610
  • Customers had the choice of purchasing ready-made or custom-made shoes
  • Soldiers most important thing they need is shoes