Code of Chivalry

By: Parker Wilson and Mitchell Solomon

The Code of Chivalry

Knights Code of Chivalry

Basis of Code and Life as a Knight

The Code of Chivalry was the basis or guidelines for the ideal knight. All knights didn't go by these guidelines, but these were what they wanted to be. The nights looked up to King Arthur although he was never considered a true king. Something that was always expressed in the Kights code was that one must fight bravely for his feudal lord.

The way of life of the Knight following the Code of Chivalry was very strict. To be a knight took a lot of hard work and disipline. Although like I said earlier, the knights always dont follow these codes exactly, they always strived to. When in battle the knight must fight his hardest in every fight and not let down his feudal Lord.

Overall Summary of Code of Chivalry

Overall, the Code of Chivalry is a list of rules and guidelines that the Medieval Knights and other Nobles had to follow. It consists of Fair Play, such as how a Knight should fight when in a battle. Nobility, such as respecting women and protecting the innocent. Valor, such as avenging the wronged, and never abandoning an ally. Honor, such as never betraying and keeping one's word. Courtesy, such as acting right and staying positive. And Loyalty, To God, Sovereign Country, and to the Code Of Chivalry.

Essentail Questions

1. How did the Code of Chivalry impact and effect the knights of the Middle Ages?

2. How does the Code of Chivalry influence us today?