Moana Jr. Day 7!


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Hello Moana Jr Broadway Bound Families,

Today was a super exciting day here at Rock Ridge. The campers got their first rehearsals on the auditorium stage!

They spent the majority of the day running through everything they've learned so far, including the big numbers "How Far I'll Go", "You're Welcome", and "Shiny", for all the other 4-10 campers They even got a standing ovation when they finished!

After, they went back to their classroom to fix some problem spots and continue filling in the parts of the script they haven't covered yet.

Be sure to check out our recap video below!

We will see them all tomorrow morning for another exciting day!

Camp Dates and Times:


Monday, July 19th - Friday, July 23rd from 9 am - 12 pm


Monday, July 19th - Friday, July 23rd from 1 pm - 4 pm


Morning Cast: Saturday July 24 11 AM

Afternoon Cast: Saturday July 24 1 PM

TOMORROW IS FAVORITE COLOR DAY! Deck out in your favorite color!


We are heading into the final stretch of camp and getting close to performance time. Please, help your students memorize their lines and make sure they are practicing without their scripts while at home so they're ready. They need to be completely memorized by Thursday.

We ask parents to encourage your campers to practice their lines, vocals, and dances while at home, so they're ready for rehearsals and their performance. Please use the powerpoint below they've used in class to review as well as Ms. Courtney's choreography video.


The students will be wearing their newly tie dyed Moana Jr. t-shirts for the performance with black bottoms and their jazz shoes. We ask the children have black pants, preferably something they can comfortably move around in, for the performance to unify their cast.
Moana Day 7 Recap


1. PICKUP TIME - Pickup starts promptly at 3:45. We ask that parents arrive as close to that time as possible so students aren't left to sit with our staff past camp's close

2. DROPOFF - When dropping off your students for the day, please pull all the way up. We ask that you don't park and get out of your cars to bring your students in the building, or allow your student to walk across the parking lot to arrive every day. It can be a safety issue and we don't have staff designated to watch traffic and crossing lanes for students.

3. SUPPLIES - Please make sure students pack pencils and highlighters in their clear bins every day. This is important for them to take notes to help remember all they learn for the show throughout the day.

4. MASKS - Students are still required, per LCPS policy, to wear masks while inside LCPS school facilities. Please don't forget to pack your campers a mask, and extras, when they arrive for camp every day.

5. JAZZ SHOES - The students need to have their jazz shoes at the very latest by this coming Monday 7/19. If you haven't already ordered them, please do so soon.

Jazz Shoes

Please make sure that your child has Jazz Shoes ready to go! While we will be providing a costume for every student, we do not provide shoes. Please visit Amazon and type in "JAZZ SHOE." They can be either tan or black. HERE IS A LINK TO SOME JAZZ SHOES ONLINE

How to prepare for Camp!

Below is a list of items that we are requesting for the first day of camp.

  1. Your Clear Bin with the following supplies below
  2. A Reusable Water Bottle that is unique and clearly marked with your child's name.
  3. Movement Clothes! You will be dancing a lot throughout the day.
  4. Jazz Shoes or Tennis Shoes for movement.
  5. Packed Snacks that will not go bad.
  6. A Mask
  7. Sun Screen - in the event we can spend time outdoors.
  8. A Hat/Sunglasses - in the event we can spend time outdoors.

Director of Health and Safety - Medication

If your child requires medication throughout the day or may need medication in the event of an emergency, please contact our Director of Health and Safety, Ms. Katie Rivers.

She will be available throughout camp to help with all of your child's physical and emotional needs.

Pick-Up and Drop Off - NEW PROCEDURES

DROP OFF: 12:45 - 1:15 - Drop off will occur in front of the Main Lobby. This is different than past years. Please wait for staff to greet you out front before dropping off your child.

PICK-UP: 3:45 - 4:15 - Pick Up will occur in front of the Main Lobby. Students will be individually released to the cars to prevent students from crossing in front of traffic.

Early Pick-up/Late Drop-Off

If you need to drop off late or pick up early, please email the assistant education director Farley McDaniel at

Please do not call us; email is the MOST effective way to get in touch with us.

How do I purchase tickets?

You will be receiving an email from our Assistant Education Director, Ian Underhill. This email will have a ticket code valued at $24 (two tickets at $12). You may use this code to purchase tickets or offset the cost of tickets for the performances.

Additionally, instructions on how to purchase will be in this email.

Tickets will go on sale to you on Monday, July 12th, and to the public on July 13th.

If you have questions about purchasing tickets or accessing your ticket codes, please email Ian Underhill at

We will allow up to 600 audience members per performance so that tickets will be open to the general public, and there will be no limit on how many tickets you can purchase.


Our Communication page is an awesome resource for you! Not only will it inform you about who to direct your questions to over the next two weeks, but it will also help you track all of the information. Each day of camp, we will be sending you an email and placing it on the communication page. Check it out here!


Clear Bins

We request that all students bring their materials in a clear bin. No book bags. This allows us to help students quickly and efficiently find materials. Additionally, the clear bin is a great way for students to store things in a tidy way. Would you please not bring book bags to the program? We strongly recommend a large enough bin to fit a folder, a lunch box, shoes, make-up, and misc. Items.

Here is the Link we are recommending from Amazon.


Please be sure to pack snacks for your child. If a student forgets to bring snacks, please bring them to the school and leave them with the Director of Health and Safety, Ms. Katie Rivers.

Please steer clear of anything with nuts, as we have a few students with severe nut allergies.

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