Health Benefits of Cinnamon

Ceylon Cinnamon and Its Various Benefits

The brown bark of the cinnamon tree gives us the cinnamon spice that most of us use in our food. The bark is dried and rolled into tabular form and made available as cinnamon sticks, or is available in ground powder form or chips.

Ceylon Cinnamon is considered the best type of cinnamon found in the market. The spice is mostly found in specialized shops and included in food for its numerous health benefits.

Gives Relief from Arthritis Pain

People suffering from arthritis experience regular pain in their joints and look for ways to minimize the pain. It has been observed that including cinnamon in daily diet helps in reducing the arthritis pain.

Assists in Weight Loss

Consuming cinnamon helps in regulating metabolism which in turns assists in losing weight. Thus, people on diet are asked to include cinnamon in their food to initiate weight loss process.

Balances Blood Sugar Levels

Controlling sugar level is a difficult task. Eating carb rich food aggregates the blood sugar levels. Mixing cinnamon spice in daily meal will help in balancing the blood sugar levels.

Promotes Food Preservation

Cinnamon has special property of preventing bacterial growth as well as food spoilage, which makes it a natural food preservative. Hence, a lot of people include the spice in their meal to inhibit food spoilage.

Cinnamon Toothpicks

Cinnamon sticks when dipped in honey can also be used to make Cinnamon Toothpicks. A lot of people use cinnamon toothpicks for its various benefits, which are:

• Cinnamon works as a mouth freshener and helps in removing bad breath.

• Cinnamon oil enhances brain functionality which results in better memory.

• It is sugar free; thus has zero calories.

• Assists in blocking craving for cigarettes as it keeps the mouth busy.

• Helps in fighting stomach aches, headaches, and flu.

Final Word

With so many health benefits, you must include Ceylon cinnamon sticks in your food. Moreover, if you are trying to quit smoking, dipping the sticks in honey to make cinnamon toothpicks can help you achieve it.
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