Morning Session

Part I: Contacting Parents

This Session will last approximately 75 minutes.

Collecting Parent Information

Teachers need to contact parents for various reasons. (Sick Child, Absenteeism, Positive Behaviors, Negative Behaviors, School Events.) Nothing is more frustrating than needing to contact a parent and having to dig around to find a phone number or address. This module provides resources for help with the "it's here somewhere" approach.
Create a Google Form to Collect Parent Info
Working with Google Forms

Option 1

  • Sign in using your county e-mail account.
  • Locate the Google "window" next to your name; click it
  • There will be a list of apps; select the Forms app

Option 2

  • Sign in using your county e-mail account.
  • Locate the Google"window" next to your name; click it
  • Select Google Drive
  • Select Google Forms

Create a Google Form and send it to at least two participants in this session for completion.

QR codes can also simplify the way that you collect your information. During Open House, or any other Parent Meeting, ask parents to scan your code and enter their contact information. You will instantly get an email with information attached.

Let's Try It:

  • Please take out an iPad and enter in the browser bar.
  • Click Plain Text, located on the side-bar to the right of the screen
  • Enter any information that you want the parents to provide: Name, Name of Student, Telephone Number, Best Time to Contact, etc.
  • Select your output type
  • Print your QR Code; don't forget to Display it

Create a QR code and have someone in this session to scan it and complete your short survey.

The Initial Contact with Parents

The manner in which the school interacts with parents will determine the response to your initiative. When parents only hear from teachers who have negative reports, they start dreading to see the school's number show up on their caller id. Taking the time to contact parents at the beginning of school is a great way to establish an effective relationship. If the year has already started, make an effort to contact parents with a "Something Good" report. Positive feedback shows parents that you care about their child's success.

Research for Parental Involvement in the Classroom

Use the Education World Template to Create a Welcome Letter to your Parents.

Participate in a Think-Pair-Share Activity to chunk the reading. After reading, be prepared to reflect on 1. any new ideas you may have come across, 2. things that work in your classroom, 3. ways to modify what you already in place.