Poe Author Study

Jp Senyoni

Who was Edgar Allan Poe?

Edgar Allan Poe was a famous author of Dark Horror type stories. His works have been in print since 1827. He is also known as the inventor of modern say detective stories, and innovator in science fiction genre. He was also America's first great literary critic and theoretician.
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What was Edgar Allan Poe's childhood like?

Edgar Allan Poe had 2 other siblings. One boy, and one girl. Both of his parents died when he was young. Wealthy merchants called the Allan's took him in, but never fully adopted him. He lived a rich childhood, but his adulthood was otherwise.

How big a part of his life was filled with sickness and death.

A very big chunk of his life was filled with sickness and death. Many family members and loved ones died because of sickness. This left many holes in his heart, and this inspired him to do his work.

When did Poe publish his first written work?

His first written work was called "Tamerlane and other Poems". It was published in the year 1827. After, he joined the US Army, because he couldn't support himself after John Allan stopped sending him money.

What was Poe's most significant work?

Edgar Allan Poe's most significant work was a poem. The poem was called "The Raven", and it was published in 1845.
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What themes from Poe's life are evident in his works?

Horror, sadness, sickness, and death are common themes in lots of his work. Poe's loved ones died of sickness, that inspired him to insert themes from his life, into the story/poem.

Why was Edgar Allan Poe's death such a mystery?

Edgar Allan Poe's death us such a mystery because there was a small period of time he went missing. He was departing Richmond, Virginia bound for Philadelphia. He went missing for a small period of time, then he reappeared. He soon died after returning.

His death is such a mystery, because no one knows what he did when he went missing. So, we cant piece together what disease or sickness killed him.

What was Edgar Allan Poe's impact or influence on the world?

Poe created the modern day detective story theme, and he was an innovator of science. This helped develop some books we know today. He also wrote a lot of mysterious/suspense stories that hooked readers.

What genre do Poe's stories fall into?

They fell into Mysterious/Detective/Sadness genre.

Why did Poe write the type of stories he did?

Mainly because of his bad childhood and experiences he went through. Those experiences went a long way, and they inspired Poe to write his stories.