Iyanuoluwa's Learning Log

Critical Reflection-in-Action

Log # 1 - Critical and Reflective practice - Not what I thought

I began this course with some ideas of how I thought the course was going to unfold. Having completed 9 course thus far, which followed for the most part a critical analysis of written articles or academic journals; it was quite refreshing to be introduced to a class wherein I will be challenged to examine myself not only as an educator, but as a learner as well.

During the course of this Masters of Education program, I have not had much of an opportunity to reflect on my growth as a learner, but instead have had ample opportunities on methods I can use to implement my learning in a classroom setting. This critical & reflective practice course will be challenging for me, because it will challenge me to look within. How far have I come as a learner, where do I want to go as a learner, but more importantly; how am I learning (both as a learner and as a teacher)?

Revisiting the learning theories by cognitive and development theorists, it will be interesting to turn the lens on myself and reflect on the impacts if any these theories may have on how I learn or what I learn.

A question that caught my attention is the one that states "How is our culture teaching us ignore, devalue, and over-ride the learning and wisdom of our own bodies" (retrieved from blackboard). This caught my attention because back in 2010, I learned an important lesson in listening to your body when it comes to making decisions of whether to move forward, or take a step back. I failed to listen to my body, which in turn lead to my body fighting itself for about a year and a half. No matter how many doctors I went to, the recommendation I got was to take a step back, rest and relax. We live in such a rushed and insta- society, that it sometimes seems unfeasible to take a step back and slow down the pace. We look for instant answers, instant results, instant response that we sometimes forget that not everything (dare I say most things) are not instant.

Tying this to learning, especially my learning, it is a good reminder that I cannot know everything right away. I may not understand every thing I am "supposed to" right away, but as I keep trying and pay attention (critique and reflect) to what I am learning, keep in mind why I am learning, and most importantly try to better understand how I am learning, I will only better myself and a learner; and as an educator in turn.

Log #2 - Theory of reflection

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