Miss LeMarr's Weekly Update

March 21 - 25

Notes from the Teacher 📝

*Snacks - Please send a snack with your child to eat during our snack time after rotation!

*Time - We are starting to learn about time and how to read a clock! Every time you see a clock, have your child try to read it. Talk about how there are 60 minutes in an hour, and how we can read the minute hand by counting by 5's. Having them read a clock outside of school is important, so that they know they won't have to read a clock just at school.

*Cursive - We have started learning how to write in cursive! Every week, I will send home a practice cursive sheet with your child's name, so that they have an opportunity to practice at home.

*Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns!

Important Dates 📌

April 15 - Weather Day

What We Are Learning ✏️

Reading: Whatever the Weather

Phonics: Lessons 121 - 125

  • Dropping Rule
  • Suffixes -en, -ish, -ist
  • Final stable syllable -ture
  • Sight words part 10
  • Spelling Test 24

Grammar/Writing: Research; synonyms and anotonyms


  • Time
  • Addition and Subtraction Mixed Facts

Science: What are some kinds of animals?

Social Studies: Let's Review

Homework 📚

No homework this week 😁 except for....

Spelling Packet 24 which is due on Friday for 5 extra points on the spelling test

1. side --------------11. tall

2. date -------------12. blouse

3. kite --------------13. house

4. never -----------14. horse

5. May -------------15. mouse

6. spray -----------16. give

7. way -------------17. thought

8. wall -------------18. sure

9. ball --------------19. brother

10. small ---------20. mountain

21. Put the red dish on the table.

22. Where did the dog go that was here yesterday?

Reading for 15-20 minutes - it could be their library books, the newspaper, a billboard, a menu, a soup can, a cereal box - anything to get them reading.